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Nintendocore meets pop and metal in the newest wild single from Indianapolis based MOONSIDE!

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“Ice Cream Cone” by MOONSIDE is a wild mix of crabcore, metalcore, pop and nintendocore, one of the most unique and weird renditions on hardcore ever made. Still yearning for new releases and crazy ass shows from Horse the Band, early Enter Shikari and An Albatross, we’re stoked to give you the newest offering from this wicked quartet, some more details about their craft, and their top picks for best local acts worth looking into this year! Let’s party!

Unleashing their second single “Ice Cream Cone” off their upcoming debut EP, Moonside modernizes the world of metal with their no holds barred approach. From thunderous metal passages to euphoric 8-bit dance beats with almost rap-like melodies over top, Ice Cream Cone melts through genres like a dripping rainbow sherbet. Heavy enough to bang your head, but still sweet enough to bubble your senses.

Moonside will be releasing their EP before summer’s end. In their 6 short months of being formed, Moonside have played in direct support for Nekrogoblikon, Enox, as well as opening up for Normundy and Archers. Moonside is greatly anticipating what the future holds and is having a blast along the way.

After an ugly disbanding almost 8 years ago, Moonside reconcile and rebirth as an entirely new entity. Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, the fun-loving, trouble-making 4-piece introduce their ecstatic blend of crabcore, chiptunes, metal, and pop to the world.

Combining the chaotic screams and video game inspired synths of Kang, the bold and untamed vocals of Andy Irwin- atop his face-melting guitar riffs, all backed by the unrivaled drum precision of Sean Hilton and growling bass of Eddie V, Moonside unveil a new brand of “Nintendocore” that anyone can enjoy.

“Really just a song about that first feeling when you fall in love, or you know, get the pheromones going in any sort of way. Overwhelming goodness. Like ice cream. We all remember going on that first date and getting high right?” – comments the band.

Moonside band

Moonside are a multi-sphered and genre bending metal band hailing from Indianapolis.

Inspired by video games and many formations of different metal music, they have taken shape into a real transcendent way of performing music. Paired with explosive synths and so, so much more, they now embark on their sophomore release ‘Ice Cream Cone’.

Holding no boundaries whatsoever, Moonside immediately sweeps you off your feet. Fans of metal and beyond will be blowing you away with their brand of ‘Nintendocore’, which showcases a fun-filled nature with a real heavy metal underbelly that cannot be ignored.

Highly interesting, euphoric and evocative, the auto-tuned vocals alongside the heavy metal instrumentation makes for a truly captivating listen. The second single from their upcoming EP, ‘Ice Cream Cone’ is literally full of surprises and switches in mood throughout every section of the song.

Whirling arpeggiated synths fill the air in the verses before the crowd participation section breaks it up quite brilliantly, whilst Irwin bellows his screeching and powerful vocals. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before, which is what makes Moonside so intriguing. And with their new lease of life after their split several years ago, it appears that this has done nothing but invigorate and redefine them as a band to take seriously.


5 Favorite Bands In Indianapolis, by MOONSIDE:

So we definitely all know Electric Callboy is killing it right now. That’s definitely a big influence for Kang and his synth breakdown-ness.

We’re also good friends with our local heroes and fellow electronic rockers Normundy, who put us on our first show, which was great.

Kang also would like to shout out Shirobon, the chiptune artist that got him into chiptunes to begin with. He’s not really doing chiptunes anymore, but he’s still killing it with what he does.

Then there’s Sabrepulse, another chiptune artist and huge inspiration for the gameboy shenanigans.

I (Andy) would personally like to shoutout (though not really anything like us) one of my local favorites Fern Murphy. Trancy shoegaze vibes, listen to them.

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