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NJ emo indie post hardcore rockers PALAMINO premiere music video for new single “I Really Want To Leave”

Shot at Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA and directed by Mark Jaworski, the newest music video from Montclair, New Jersey based PALAMINO is an accurate, cinematic visualizer for their nostalgic sounding new single that transcends many genre divisions and serves as a their first studio offering since late 20202 EP Don’t Lie To Your Friends. If you like your shoegazin’ grungy punk, sad hardcore or indie emo post hardcore, you’ll love it.

‘I really want to leave’ is about my relationship with sleep and my shitty dependence on substances to help me get there.” – says the band’s vocalist Pete Clark.

“Laying in bed, awake as ever, thinking about the same little things that give me anxiety. It’s also has a lot to do with friends and my relationships in my 30s. Sometimes I can’t wait to get home and sleep but sometimes I feel like if I leave a social situation, I’d miss something or never see my friends again.”


Lie awake,
It’s the simple things that keep you up
Get high instead,
Sober sleep won’t come
I’ve been keeping a list
But I’m not keeping up with you
We’ll bathe our thoughts in feathers and,
Find sleep while waiting

It’s kind of getting hard to swallow,
I really want to leave but I don’t
It’s kind of bitter but I like it,
Even when the sweetness starts

A little sweetness for the heart

It’s hard to breathe,
I’m choking on air,
I’m tearing at the seams now
Like I’m always having dreams about a nightmare,
I really want to leave but I don’t care

I’m coming back hopeless,
You knew I was
I’m coming back home again,
It’s you I love

Lie awake,
It’s the simple things that keep you up,
Like my mistakes.
Instead of thinking what you don’t have
I’m tearing at the seams
I considered you my friend
But you never call

Follow me

Tell me where you land,
Tell me what you need and when
I’m hoping we can stand
I will not drown in this water

Lie awake,
It’s the sins that will make you happy

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