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NO BRAGGING RIGHTS announce new album

Melodic hardcore / metalcore band NO BRAGGING RIGHTS have confirmed plans to release their new album “The Concrete Flower” on September 22nd via Pure Noise Records, just in time for their upcoming tour with TERROR, STICK TO YOUR GUNS, COMEBACK KID, OBEY THE BRAVE, MORE THAN A THOUSAND, and CAPSIZE. See the details below.. Mike Perez, who handles the vocals commented:

“The Concrete Flower is us at our best. We found our identity in Cycles, which made it fun to tastefully experiment and push that sound even further. I take a lot of pride in the lyrics I wrote and the subject matter is something we feel very strongly about. We’re really happy to be sharing these songs and their messages.”

Here’s the full statement:

We are very pleased to announce the next No Bragging Rights album “The Concrete Flower” on September 23rd via Pure Noise Records.

1. Strength Through Struggle
2. The Concrete Flower
3. Outdated
4. Right Minded
5. Bottoms Up
6. Fallen Masters
7. Attention
8. Brave Hearts
9. Downhearted
10. Damage / Recover

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