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No Fear Of Missing Out – emotive indie punk rockers ELM TREE CIRCLE teasing new record

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ELM TREE CIRCLE have teamed up with KROD Records to release their new album “NO FOMO” in 2020 and the band just unveiled the new single called “Flow“!

Skate, Punk and Heartbreaks are the first associations that come to mind whilst listening to Elm Tree Circle. Released on May, 11th 2018 through Krod Records “The Good Life” is a wonderful piece of modern emo-punk that inherits all the classic influences of their 2000s pop-punk heroes paired with a good touch of emotional lyrics, melancholic chords and distinct vocal lines that spin in your head after the first listen.

Since the release of their debut album, Elm Tree Circle have evolved to a one of a kind fan favourite with their first single and top track “Feel The Burn“ gathering over 650.000 plays on Spotify since its release.

The press is equally impressed and shares great reviews for the band that has relentlessly been touring the whole world, playing shows in Europe, the UK, Asia and Australia whilst sharing the stage with such iconic acts as Pears, The Ataris and Such Gold.
2018, Elm Tree Circle have once again delighted fans throughout Europe with their tight performance, charming one-liners and a moody lightshow during shows on the infamous Booze Cruise Festival as well as support act for UKs most hyped newcomer Boston Manor.

The trio is back with a new single and Germany tour in fall. On October 4th the song “Flow” (via Krod Records) is released off the second studio album “NO FOMO” which is to be expected for spring 2020. Together with a bunch of other songs the band is pointing at the currently trending problem: FOMO aka Fear Of Missing Out – Triggered by social media consumption or high ambitions. “Flow” is about restlessness and the urge to move on. That’s why the song also doesn’t allow to sit still with it’s upbeat drums and catchy guitar riff. Originally the band tried to play a song of the first album when they messed up and played this combination of drums and guitar instead. It was instantly clear that this was probably the best fuck up so far.

Elm Tree Circle Flow ArtworkCover

Elm Tree Circle Tour 2019

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