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“More Than Us” – Slovenian hardcore band REACH premiere debut EP

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Slovenian hardcore band REACH have recently released their new debut music video for the song ‘Drown’, and now it’s time for them to unveil the full stream of their debut EP ‘More Than Us’, available today for the exclusive first listen below!

REACH formed 3 years ago and deliver a fine mixture of modern heavy hardcore with metal influences (think Trapped Under Ice, Terror, Expire, Bent Life, Bitter End, Cruel Hand, etc.). “More Than Us” marks their third release, first proper EP, and another solid record with a message:

We believe that to live, is simply to be a good and sincere person, to respect and be respected, to love and be loved and to stand tall when everything else is crashing down. This is also the meaning of the EP “More Than Us” as a whole.

Catch the band at the following stops:

05.10.2019 – Mc Gornja Radgona, SI
11.10.2019 – A38 Hajó, Budapest, HU
18.10.2019 – TBA, Pordenone, IT
19.10.2019 – Livestage, Innsbruck, AT
23.10.2019 – Kino Šiška, Ljubljana, SI

More Than Us front cover

EP cover artwork design: Andrej Copot, Filip Kulčar / Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Dario Solenicki at LifeTrip Studio.


The first song is a reminder for anyone who is not going for all the chances we have in our lifes and a fuck you to those who have everything, but still complain.

All the choices
All the chances
All the choices
All the chances
Waiting for us to reach, grab and make it our own

I want to reach another chance
Chance hanging high above, to enhance

You may not see it and I don’t care
Too bad for you, you fucking fool, be aware

Can’t you see?
There is no silver platter
Can’t you see?
Easy come, easy go

Waiting for us to reach, grab and make it our own

Everything we fight for
All the things we deserve
Can’t be compared with all that the tide has brought
Easy come, easy go
Watch it flow!

Go and make it your own
Know that some are born with a throne
They have so much to show
It’s all just a dumb show


Sick of complaining and whining
Sick of bored with a throne
Sick of excuses and lies
Sick of all who play the martyr


A goodbye to our friends who left and a bow to those who stick around.

A ship that’s hard to sail
Leaving a permanent trail
Whether it’s sailing with the flow
Or against the wind’s blow
Farewell to the ones who left. Salute those who remained
Defined in so many ways
By many changed in a few days
These are about to jump ship
Just to stay fucking hip
Life takes its toll
Leaves a hole in a soul
Cause sometimes we drift apart

Life takes its toll
Leaves a hole in a soul
But sometimes they just depart
From more dozen to a few
When did this happen? I have no clue
But I’m proud to have my crew
Staying true, through and through

Stay true

Through and through

MORE THAN US (ft Gregor Lesky of Risk It)

More Than Us is the title track of our EP and it’s about hardcore scene, punk-rock and metal music scene in which we grew up in and which thought us so much. We would like this scene to stay a place of respect and not become a place of constant competition and backstabbing.

On the guest vocals is a very special guest – Gregor Lesky from Risk It.
We had a privilege to share the stage with them few times and get to know each other, so from there on it just felt right to ask him if he would like to be featured on one of the songs.
These guys are great individuals and we are forever grateful for their impact on our band.

Yeah, I love this scene
It stands for everything, I’m standing for
It sucked me in as a lost teen
Will grow with it forevermore


It’s not just about them Vans and Nikes
About them breakdowns and two-steps
Last time that I have checked
It’s about the mutual respect!

Not just between the races,
between the sex and nation,
it’s for all music genre,
or a different path that we take, if we wanna

This is no place for dick measuring
In mutual respect we are majoring

This is no place for dick measuring
In mutual respect we are majoring

Is this just my wishful, wishful thinking?
What’s up with all the backstabbing?
I’m sick
I’m pissed
It’s just another name on my blacklist
Get the fuck out of this place
Can’t stand seeing your fucking face

Just go, there’s the door
Do not try to disgrace
Just try to embrace
The place that is far more…

FORCED RETREAT (ft. Dario Solenicki of In-Sane and Matic Medja of Laid To Rest)

A story of a man who was forced to retreat, but found stregth and will in him to stand up and push forward.

Two of our dear friends made this track very special for us. On guest vocals are Dario Solenicki from a Slovenian punk-rock band In-Sane and who also recorded and mastered this EP and Matic Medja from Laid To Rest, a Slovenian hardcore band with whom we released a split last year.

A ghost, a shadow, a trace
Of a man I used to be and now chase

A ghost, a shadow, a trace
Of a man I used to be and now chase

I’ve been pushed down of the top of the hill
I’ve been forced to retreat

I had to use the steepest path back
With heavy luggage tied on my back

A ghost, a shadow, a trace
Of a man I used to be and now chase

Still the heaviest to carry is my head
Filled with demons, who are a threat

Trying to push me down again
They’ll have to fucking strain
I ain’t retreating back to the den
Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them!

Hard to fight them off,
When they remind me of
Me and who I used to fucking be
When I’m faced with trials, I persevere.
At the end I always – STAND TALL

I never run nor crawl

The dream, the strength, the strength and the will
Of a man I know and only goes uphill


Sometimes I feel like nobody is trying, but me. I feel like nobody is trying to be a good friend, to listen or support you, they just expect this and expect that from you, while they never do a single thing in return.

I feel like I’m the only one who’s trying
And it makes me feel like I am dying
Makes me nervous and I can’t breathe
Fuels my anger so do not speak!

Makes me nervous and I can’t breathe
Fuels my anger so do not speak

Risked my time and went the extra mile
Didn’t think twice
Didn’t think twice, if it was worthwhile
Never did it for my benefit
Well now as I mention it
you’re the only one, yeah
who got some and I got none


Listen to me, before you flee
That’s not how a friendship’s supposed to be
I don’t expect you to pay a fee
But I sure as hell ain’t for free
Ain’t for free
Ain’t for free


I do everything I can, yeah.
Otherwise I disappoint myself
Hell, I won’t live with that
I won’t fall flat.
How the fuck can you do that?


I feel like I’m only one who’s trying
And it makes me feel like I am dying


Drown was the first single we released from this EP and is about my dark days.

Feels like flying far too high
Carrying more weight than I can bear
Feels like waking up from a nightmare
Cold sweat, lying still, terrified

I am suffocating, there is no air

I am walking the earth
with a life vest on
With a fire lit under me Fire in me – boosting my call
I should walk tall,
there is no reason to crawl

Still some days my mind is set upon
My will is about to drown

There is a hurricane raging in my head
Flood from my lungs will soon fucking spread

Like a fire set under my skin
But I am standing and I am here to win
What is it that I want from me?
We are standing and we are here to win

Filmed & edited by Andrej Copot / Audio recorded, mixed & mastered by Dario Solenicki at LifeTrip Studio / Special thanks to David Novak, Filip Kulčar

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