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NO GUTS NO GLORY European tour dates

Valence, France’s NO GUTS NO GLORY will be touring Russia, Latvia and Ukraine in July. See the dates below.

Here’s what the band has to say:

Support the bands and the labels that keep punk and hardcore punk meaningful.
Screw the arrogant and pretentious assholes that just deserve your spit in their face.
We don’t need your pose, we don’t need your sponsorships, we don’t need your contests and your stupid teenage kids entertainement.
We’ve got much more to give and share than empty slogans and images.
Keep the music industry and the capitalist companies out of our scene.
Say no to the bands and booking agencies that don’t give a fuck about anything but their fame and money.

This is more than music.

Stay critical, stay punk.


no guts no glory 2 from bastien bartoli on Vimeo.

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