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Noise rockers HOARIES check in with Spotify playlist of rock & metal inspirations

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Teased this past Monday, Rocker Shocker, the new record from Dallas based noise rockers HOARIES (mixed by Matthew Barnhart (METZ, Superchunk)) is out today via Reptilian Records (Fight Amp, Multicult), and we’re stoked to give you a quick follow-up supplement, revealing some of the band’s influences that shaped their amazing organic sound. Check out “Rocker Shocker” in its full glory and dive into the band’s Spotify playlist below.

After a series of singles, a brief tour and a split 10″EP, the “pandemic” gave the band time to fully develop the new material and to reach their final form with Jeff Helland (White Drugs) leading the way on vocals and guitar, the perfect pairing with Christian Breit on second guitar (also of White Drugs), new bass warrior Bobby Weaver (from The Paper Chase on Kill Rock Stars) and Clay Stinnett (Boom Boom Box, Ghost Car) still in the drummer’s seat propelling the songs forward. Featuring a bone-rattling mix by Matthew Barnhart (METZ, Superchunk), this debut full length feels more like a record from a band that has been around the block and thru the alley a few times already!

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Sheriff of Hong Kong”

If you try to dissect this song it’s just chaos. But sounds simple when assembled. Perfection.

Big’n “Long Pig”

This song is ugly, catchy and punchy. The kinda song you hear and it makes you wanna write the next song in their set.

The Fall “Prole Art Threat”

Perfect lurch and clang. Kinda the goal when we aren’t trying too hard.

DAF “Verschwende Deine Jugend”

Waste your youth, ‘Nuff said.

The Jesus Lizard “Here Comes Dudley”

You can’t escape Jesus Lizard comparisons in our genre. This song’s restraint is captivating. They could have taken it twenty different directions and screamed over the whole thing. But for whatever reason, just didn’t.

Baboon “Kamikaze”

Baboon are heroes of ours. We grew up listening to this band. Most of our friends in Denton/Dallas can probably sing along to this track.

Hot Snakes “Gar Forgets His Insulin”

Another unavoidable and easy reference but we don’t care. Driving, hard hitting, floor toms for days.

The Velvet Underground “Heard Her Call My Name”

Utterly reckless jamming. Leads off the best 2-song B-side in LP history.

Lungfish “Idiot Vehicle”

Ambling vocals, tough guitars, adroit rhythm section. Should have every kid dancing and maybe a little confused.

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