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NOMEANSNO breaks up!

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Canadian punk rock / alt rock veterans NOMEANSNO have announced they have decided to part their ways! See the full statement below.

Known for their complex instrumentation and extensive touring, NOMEANSNO have been great inspiration for hudreds of artists. Their creative experiments have always kept a unique, smark feel and atmosphere, injecting varied styles and moods with highly energetic twists and truly original riffage. Without a doubt, they will be remembered as one of the most essential and necessary components in the history of rock music.

Greetings everybody, John here from NMN and with a heavy heart I must announce the retirement of No Means No. A hiatus became a long hiatus and a lingering hiatus has become a permanent one. Thirty-five years and countless miles, a couple thousand shows and many more beers, a bunch of tunes and sweaty hoards of great fans, I can’t say thanks enough to everyone. I will continue to post here on our page about the Robots and future projects if and when they happen. Hoping to have the debut Compressorhead album out by next march so you have not heard the last of things yet.So cheers everyone! Raise a glass….xo

Karol Kamiński

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