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NOUS ETIONS – “La Manière Noire” (2014)

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NOUS ETIONS – “La Manière Noire” (2014)

Désordre Ordonné, Zegema Beach Records, Through Love Records, Don’t Live Like Me Records , Ancients Injury Records, Blind Eye Records, GBS Records, and Beaver Club Records – realizing that so many awesome labels teamed up to put out one release must have your head spinning! “La Manière Noire” is  a great example of a records that is far more than simply a tribute to the good old screamo spiced up with post rockish feel. Montreal’s NOUS ÉTIONS has certainly grown into a real deal worth your time. Here’s their newest album, available in “name your price” model, so to “name your price,” so please listen to it, grab it for whatever you can afford and share with your friends!


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