NOW, VOYAGER’s “Seas” EP re-issued

NOW, VOYAGER have re-issued their “Seas” EP via Domino Media Group.

Here’s the official statement:

Now, Voyager (alternative/math-metal/rock) was born from the concept of journey, seeking to understand and explore the world that surrounds its existence. Forever evolving and adapting, submerging itself into the depths of music, to explore and transcend the boundaries between genres. All this to capture the alchemy faced through-out this journey, until it becomes an organic creature in its own right; free to exist though never certain, but always forging forth onto unknown ground.

Formed in July 2001, in Brussels (Belgium), from a need to create, grow, and explore the universe of music, the band is fueled by a raw passion to share their music. A few short months after its inception and dozens of burning gigs, Now, Voyager decided it was time to undertake a new travel, leaving behind its hometown of Brussels to go record its first EP at Outhouse Studios (Architects) in Reading, UK.

The ‘Seas’ EP was completed in April 2011, and the band now seeks to promote and share its universe with anyone willing to experience the world through the eyes of a voyager. Available from the band for a few months, ‘Seas’ is now physically distributed (in beautiful digifile) by the Domino Media Group (Eepocampe, Feuerzeug, Thot, Mental Architects….).

Get your copy NOW!

The first official video by the band, for the single “Surface”, is online right now thx to the almighty BlankTV and the EP is also on streaming through Bandcamp.

For fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Will Haven…

“The Surface” video:

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