Boston hardcore badn REFUSE RESIST have called it a day.

Their last show will take place at Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain, Ma on July 15.

Here’s the official bio:

There was a time when music was life, and life was music. A time when people communicated with each other face to face. Whether it was a club or a basement, music was easy to find and a lot of kids were into it. Refuse Resist was formed to try to bring those ideals back into the present through good straight up hardcore/punk. A blend of all sides of punk and hardcore create the unique sound from this Boston band. So, come on all of you into punk rock, hardcore and oi.

The band was started in 2007 with Mike Barone (Guitar), John Mehlman (Drums) and Nick Smith (Bass). Shawn saw the ad on Myspace for a band looking for a singer. Went up jammed a little and never looked back. Within 5 months a demo was recorded and shows were being played.

Through the past years it has been a pleasure to have Brendan White, Mark Powers and Don J lend their talents on bass for both recording and live performances. We even have covered a yet-to-be-release cover of Boiling Point with original SSD bass play Jamie Scirappa for iScream Records.

In 2010, Refuse Resist has signed on bass player Jamie Payette, and Guitarist Steve Risteen (original guitarist for Slapshot) to the lineup for a fuller and more dynamic live show. Make sure to see Refuse Resist when we come to your town.

Demo – Lineup: Shawn Refuse, John Mehlman, Mike Barone, Nick Smith

Rhode Island Rejects and Massholes (compilation) – Still in Massachusetts

Mind: Yourself (Rodent Popsicle Records) Lineup: Shawn Refuse, John Mehlman, Mike Barone, Brendan White

Socialized (Thorp Records/I Scream Records) Lineup: Shawn Refuse, John Mehlman, Mike Barone, Mark Powers


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