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OK Computer, one of the most significant and essential alt rock records in the history, celebrates its 20th anniversary today

Experimental rock icons RADIOHEAD recently announced a 20th anniversary reissue of ‘OK Computer’, called OKNOTOK and set for a June 23rd release through XL Recordings (pre-order HERE). The issue includes the original, remastered 12-song album, its eight B-sides, and three unreleased recordings: “I Promise”, “Lift”, and “Man Of War”, and it’s a realy huge treat for fans of this hugely influential record. Twenty years ago today, we were introduced to the album that showed the band experimenting with more unconventional rock structures, and loads of inventiveness, spiced up with layered electronic synths and featuring haunting lyrical content with themes of alienation caused by technology, overwhleming consumerism, and politics. We bow down to this masterpiece and recall the impressionistic documentary “Meeting People Is Easy”, OK Computer’s artwork, as well as some of the album related videos.

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