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Oklahoma emo math rockers BEN QUAD share new earworm single “You’re Part Of It”!

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Mentioned in our recent ‘32 DIY COVID-era Discoveries in alt punk‘ feature, Oklahoma emo rockers BEN QUAD have shared their new single “You’re Part Of It”, hitting some screamy vocal notes and making it to our Post Hardcore playlist after just one listen!

““You’re Part of It” is a momentary departure from the sound we demonstrated on our debut, “I’m Scared That’s All There Is.” – comments the band.

“I’m Scared That’s All There Is makes for a whacky good time, but it’s also surprisingly complex – even brilliant – when it needs to be. Ben Quad are the next great emo band. Go on, give them a jam.” – SputnikMusic


“This is such an exciting release and really illuminates a bright future for emo. Fans of Carly Cosgrove, Modern Baseball, and Joyce Manor will definitely find something to love in ben quad’s new album, “I’m Scared That’s All There Is”.” – DoorsAtSeven

“As heard on those recent singles, the band takes cues from the knotty riffage of ’90s emo, the spit-shined hooks of early 2000s pop punk, and the quirkier vibes and fresh perspective of fourth and fifth wave emo.” – BrooklynVegan

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