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OLAM – multidisciplinary metal/screamo/chaotic hardcore hybrid unveil new exceptional LP on Zegema Beach Records!

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It’s been six months sice the release of “I Will Guide Thy Hand”, the stunning new album from Indianapolis, Indiana based epic, ferocious metal/hardcore act OLAM, but it’s just now that it’s gaining mre interest thaks to the new LP/cassette release from Zegema Beach Records! The capting offering shines with its daring attitude and commitment to intense sonic assaults accompanied with experimental licks and intricate twists that make the whole thing nothing short of stunning.

This exceptional debut LP from Indiana’s OLAM is bursting with metallic hardcore riffs, throat shredding screams and jaw-dropping drumming. The mixture of hardcore, metal, screamo and post-metal is truly a beautiful thing, and those vocals remind us of Jacob Bannon which is always a good thing. Easily one of the most impressive debuts of 2019. – Zegema Beach Records

For fans of: Converge, Botch, Minaret and Blue Noise

Desperate, vicious, and resilient, I Will Guide Thy Hand masterfully weaves the best parts of screamo and metalcore into a staggering experience. / SputnikMusic

As a debut, I Will Guide Thy Hand already contains ingredients for success — skillful instrumental performances, cohesiveness, an obvious thrill.  Now, it’s just a matter of refinement and diversification; in the meantime, anyway, enjoy the satisfying fierceness that OLAM bring to the table.  / Heavy Blog is Heavy

Another must-listen album that sorely needs your help as the reader to get it the attention it deserves. OLAM, with the help of Paul Hundeby (Philia Audio) and Alan Douches (West West Side Music), have crafted a masterpiece from the impassioned, technical performances to the gripping emotional aesthetic. Please share this album and/or review with everyone you know. Don’t let great music dwindle in obscurity. / Metal Trenches

“They’ve captured “the brink” in sonic form, and if you’re a thrillseeker or needing to look at something closely that’s up there — you’re in luck, because OLAM have got you covered.” – Captured Howls

“…but when the last chord falls silent, hell breaks loose, harmonious loquacies are exchanged with grief, bawling and blaring.” – Underdog Fan Zine

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