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Old School Florida skate punks SKATECRIME bring the criminal element BACK to skating with their latest release Up Your Curb

As a big fan of the resurgence of “old school” within punk and hardcore, Florida has been keeping up with the scene. Another band to add to the list is SKATECRIME. This new band, formed a little over a year ago, has been all over the scene and released their debut CD, UP YOUR CURB back in June.

Recorded and mixed at Thunderhouse Studios in Port St. Lucie, this cd rips! Kicking off the album, Skatedge, is a great song to set the tone of the record. Fast California style early 90’s punk is typically what you get with this record. Singer/ guitarist, Nick Diiorio’s vocals are reminiscent of Guttermouth and even, Pennywise. Add a cool bass line and a good breakdown and the song is killer. The next track, Sasquatch Kick Machine, is another “fast riffs all day” kind of song. It starts off with a funny new report regarding a naked Sasquatch before going full force until the ending.

They hold their own with this next song, a cover of Agent Orange’s Everything Turns Grey before launching into Shin Condition. I really liked this song, as it had a Bouncing Souls vibe that was helped along by Billy Mauer, whose bass lines sounded great. Fast and steady drumming courtesy of Brian Rodriguez, who has been playing in the local punk scene on the Treasure Coast for many years. On top of keeping up with the drum kit, he also sings most of the band’s backup vocals on the record and live as well. Next up is the album’s title track, Up Your Curb. Sticking true to the old school fast punk formula, this song’s chorus is very catchy and has great whoahs as well.

SKATECRIME band cover

Before finishing off the album, they did justice to another cover song. This time, Young ‘til I Die by 7 Seconds. Finally, they close out this release with the last track called, Bombing the Hill. Another catchy tune which could turn out to be the new “Breakin’ the Law” of punk rock. All in all, you should check out this record if you are a fan of skate punk. Maybe it’ll get you to dust off the old board and “Go Skate!”


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