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Oldschool metalcore pack WHEN ASHES ARE RISING premiere debut LP “Of Earth And Men”

Sassari, Saridnia’s metalcore pack WHEN ASHES ARE RISING have teamed up with German label Bound By Modern Age Records for a CD release of the band’s debut record called “Of Earth And Men”. The record is a brutal killer and harsh display that unleashes the old schoold feel of the genre, the side of metallized hardcore many of us have been clamoring for. Listen below.

We believe in the total collapse of all the powers that make every human being a slave,
from the very moment you are born ’till you die. We believe in the destruction of all the systems
that enslave us through imposition and violence. We believe in the fall of everything the virus
called “man” has created, constantly raping Mother Earth. To burn everything down
and see something new rising from the ashes: this is WHEN ASHES ARE RISING.

Read the full interview with the band at this location.

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