Omar Rodríguez-López, by Stefan Schmid
Omar Rodríguez-López, by Stefan Schmid
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Omar Rodríguez-López showcases musical legacy with 57-LP Box Set “Amor de Frances”

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Renowned artist Omar RodríguezLópez, celebrated for his indelible impact on multiple generations with his distinct musical compositions, is set to release a monumental vinyl box set, “Amor de Frances.” The collection, available for pre-order starting October 30th, honors his prolific solo achievements from 2004-2024.

Over the course of two decades, Rodríguez-López, the multi-talented instrumentalist, has unveiled numerous solo albums, aside from his contributions to iconic bands like The Mars Volta, At-The Drive In, and Antemasque. His musical genius transcends genres, weaving elements of Jazz, Prog, Electronica, and more.


Following the digital release of his comprehensive works in May 2021, Clouds Hill, Rodríguez-López’s Hamburg-based label, is curating this ambitious physical collection. The set boasts 57 albums, featuring previously digital-only releases and two debut records. Noteworthy inclusions are collaborations with John Frusciante, the celebrated “Cryptomnesia,” the harmonious “Solar Gambling,” and the classic “Se Dice Bisonte, No Bùfalo.”

Limited to a mere 500 copies, the box set is exclusive to and is set to launch on December 4th. Pre-order here. Moreover, individual albums from this collection will be accessible for separate purchase by early 2024.

The “Amor de Frances” set is a visual delight.

It comprises four elegantly designed boxes that, when aligned, reveal the silhouette of RodríguezLópez on the spines. Crafted on black, recycled vinyl, most albums retain their original artwork. However, some have been redesigned based on Omar’s specifications.

For those looking to indulge in this musical journey, the package, containing four distinct boxes, vibrant banderoles, a series of nine art illustrations, and 60 LPs spanning 57 albums, is priced at 1.499€ / 1.599$. A true collector’s dream for aficionados of Rodríguez-López’s artistry.

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