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Dark alt rockers JUDAS KNIFE unveils “Milk and Shadow”: a cinematic experience of passion

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With a staggering collective century of touring experiences, Judas Knife members have shifted gears from frequent live concerts to a more immersive, artistic venture. Although they cherish the adrenaline and emotional release of live performances, life’s commitments and responsibilities have often taken precedence. This includes other artistic pursuits by members Syd (Her Head’s on Fire, Garrison), Drew (Into Another, ExPollutants), Justin (BearChild, Gracer), and Chris (Spotlights, Light Tower), as well as commitments to family and loved ones.

Driven by their dedication to their craft and seeking innovative ways to connect with their audience, Judas Knife embarked on the “Milk and Shadow” project. Drawing inspiration from iconic VHS concert films from their youth, such as Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii” and The Cure’s “In Orange”, the band envisioned a live performance art film.

Judas Knife

The project brought together a team of seasoned professionals. With PJ Norman (Odd Snakes) handling the mixing, the direction was entrusted to Nathaniel Shannon, known for his work on the DeadGuy documentary and the Saint Vitus Bar Book. Frank Huang took charge of filming, while the editing was undertaken by Michael Feerick of Amusement Parks on Fire.

The outcome? A captivating 23-minute film that offers viewers a dual experience. On one hand, it captures the authentic streets of Brooklyn, painting a vivid portrait of the band’s cherished home. On the other, it showcases the band’s raw energy, featuring them performing live at their practice space and recording studio, SPCBR Studios.

For fans and newcomers alike, “Milk and Shadow” is a testament to Judas Knife’s enduring passion and commitment to their music, even as the traditional touring model evolves.

The “Milk and Shadow” film is now available for streaming via Iodine Recordings at Additionally, for vinyl enthusiasts, the soundtrack has been released in a limited edition of 100 copies available at Ashtray Monument Records. Grab yours at

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