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ORBITER build up the tension with some exciting stoner riffs in their new sci-fi video “To The Sun”

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Featuring scenes from the ever-inspiring sci-fi classic movies Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (Robert Parrish, 1969), 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick, 1968), Sunshine (Danny Boyle, 2007), and Solar Crisis (Richard C. Sarafian/”Alan Smithee”, 1990), “To The Sun”, the newest single and music video from Norwegian stoner metal trio ORBITER is a great introduction to the band’s third record, the Lead Head EP, to be released on November 5th. Comprised of 3 songs described by the band as “20 minutes of uncompromisingly heavy riffs and headbanger energy, all wrapped in a gritty, grungy sound”, 

Comments the band: “These new songs were selected to represent the core of our sound, but with thicker tones and catchier hooks than ever before. We wanted to try our hands at combining the groove of Clutch with the heaviness of Down, and add some progressive elements from bands like Mastodon. What we ended up with is a three-track EP that we feel managed to bring it all together, to this thick, sludgy soup of catchy stoner rock!” 

Asked for the track by track breakdown, the band offered us a quick rundown of each and every song from the EP, revealing that “the title track “Lead Head” is about how shame and guilt can fuck with your mind, and how people manipulate you by playing with your weaknesses and pulling on your strings. You should never let anyone control you.

Goldenboy” is a feel-good, heavy-ass rock tune about the beauty and serenity of indulging in your favored poisons in blissful solitude.

The final track “To The Sun” is the spiritul successor to our last album’s opener, “To The Crows”.

Both songs dwell on the poetic aspects of death, and what to do with our remains. Consider it the most epic cremation imaginable.

The original plan was for these songs to featured on a longer album, but after a few months of isolation during the first wave of COVID, we figured there’s no point in waiting for a whole bunch of other songs to be finished – we, and the world, need some relief right now, and what better way than to rock the fuck out!”

Orbiter Lead Head EP cover min

Norwegian stoner-rockers Orbiter have earned their spot among Oslo’s premiere underground acts, who can bring riffs that are as heavy as the hooks are catchy.

With their signature grungy sound and headbanger energy, the band – consisting of Ivan A. Reigstad on bass and vocals, Kim Rune Johansen on guitar, and Pål G. Sivertzen on drums – are setting out to invite all fans of heavy music to join their fight for “good tonights, and fucked-up tomorrows.”

Orbiter, by Isak Lønne Emberland

Orbiter was started 5 years ago, when drummer Pål found the duo Kim Rune and Ivan, who were looking for a drummer on a Facebook networking group. “We would never have thought you could find such a good match of musicians and personalities by chance on the internet, but it seems lady luck had plans for us!” – continues the band. “We jammed together for about a year before recording our debut EP “Crooked”, and almost three more years passed before we released our previous album, “Resist, Submit, Repeat”.”

“Since our last release we’ve spent a lot of time honing in on what we have thought of as our core sound, and developed quite a few great songs from it. We picked three of them for this new record – the “Lead Head” EP – and we’re really pleased with how it all turned out!”

Orbiter logo

The decision to make another EP instead of a full-length record came after the first Covid lockdown phase in Norway.

“We were getting really restless and desperate for some distractions, and we though “to hell with the album ideas, we need to get some shit done to drown out this completely apocalyptic feeling”.” – continue ORBITER. “You might say this record is fueled by the utter shittiness of 2020, and we hope it can bring some joy and/or much needed distraction to other heavy music fans as well. Pål’s studio was used to record and mix the record, while mastering was done by Morgan Nicolaysen at Oslo’s leading mastering studio, Propeller.”

To accompany our new release, ORBITER has also made a playlist of some of their favorite songs, ranging genre-wise from modern death metal to some rather vintage-sounding stoner rock. If you’re into heavy stuff, you’re bound to found something you enjoy here!

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