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Orlando punk rockers PORCH COFFIn share new single “Rosen Hotel”

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As the urban sprawl of Orlando stretches towards the horizon, under the shadow of theme parks and bustling commercial life, a distinctive punk rock sound is taking root. Porch Coffin, a pop punk band birthed in the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, has just unleashed their new single “Rosen Hotel“, resonating through the city’s music scene with raw energy and unfiltered emotion.

“Rosen Hotel embodies this chaotic experience of losing my mind one night at a hotel. We really wanted to capture this raw feeling so we gathered in one room and recorded the foundation of the song together. Which was new for us. It’s an unapologetically energetic punk track that captures the essence of that moment. Big shoutout to Logan Clough and Sean Dolich for helping us record it and to Brett Romnes for taking it to the next level with mixing and mastering. The song feels like a sonic explosion and I believe captures this feeling of anger and grief, while maintaining a level of hope and lightheartedness.” – comments the band.

In the humble beginnings of this punk rock venture, we find two long-time friends and roommates, Joey and Evan. The genesis of their band name, Porch Coffin, sprung from a rather quirky piece of domestic décor – a coffin on their porch that doubled as a receptacle for empty beer cans. With their paths converging amidst the global pandemic, they embraced the spirit of creativity, weaving together the first threads of their musical tapestry.

Porch Coffin

Porch Coffin‘s sound emerged, resonating with the rough charm of Tom Petty’s rootsy rock ‘n roll, the grungy anguish of Nirvana, the indomitable punk force of Against Me!, and even the atonal landscape of random Black Metal tunes, courtesy of Kyle, their newly joined drummer. Such a fusion of influences has shaped a uniquely textured sound, carving out a niche within the Orlando punk rock scene that’s as rich as it is diverse.

Catch the band at the following stops:

Porch Coffin

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