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OUR CEASING VOICE premiere “Until Your Chest Explodes” video

Austria’s OUR CEASING VOICE have debuted the official clip for their new song “Until Your Chest Explodes”. The track comes from their new album “That Day Last November“, to be released in January, and features guest vocals by Matthew Ryan.


60 years
Was all we got
Some liberation
An “equal” shot
Or so we thought
As Mum and Dad retired
With the TV on
The disenchantment choir
I walk the streets, these dead end streets
My head aglow, I wanna go, where no man should go
The fight is fixed
And happiness
Is a dimmer grin
The thick is thin
Let’s begin
Let’s begin
No rights
No peace
We won’t sleep
No sleep
This is War
It always was
From a bitter field, A better deal
The workers’ cause

In highrise and in pit
We give our lives to it
In highrise and in pit
For as far as the eye can see
From them to you to me
And further than the eye can see…

Suffer that
Suffer that a while
But hold on
Until your chest explodes
What’s right is right…

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