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OVERTHROWN interviewed by Legends Arising

Legends Arising recently conducted an interview with Singapore’s OVERTHROWN.

Can you introduce yourself and your band?
Hi! I’m Jai, and I play guitar for Singapore hardcore band Overthrown. I’m also the founder of Reconstrux Booking.

How did you get introduced to hardcore in Asia?
I believe hardcore in Asia was founded in Singapore, because the first hardcore punk band formed here in 1988: Stompin’ Ground. I first got to know more local hardcore bands via the Lion City Hardcore compilation CD in the early 90′s, which was passed to me by my schoolmate when I was 13. I believe that CD has somehow influenced a lot of kids around the Asian region. I clearly remember falling in love with the music the first time after hearing it, and it got me more interested after reading the lyrics. From there I started going to shows with my skate friends, and also slowly learned more about American hardcore from the songs covered by local pioneer bands back then.

Read the full chat here.

Also, make sure to check out our interview with the band at this location.

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