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PARKWAY DRIVE premiere new song!

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PARKWAY DRIVE have just revealed their new song called “Old Ghost / New Regrets.”, off their upcoming album “‘Atlas”, to be released on October 30th, 2012.


Forever fucked
We wage a war of suffering a deceit
100 thousand years of dreaming, drowned in a flood of fear and greed
Precious heritage laid waste before the chainsaws snarling teeth
Bleed the earth, bleed her ’til her heart no longer beats

And still we wonder why
As the ground beneath our feet turns to dust
The air we breathe, laced with poisons
A legacy of disgust
A legacy of sorrow
So we’re born with nothing and we die alone

We’re born with nothing
And we die alone
Regret is all we have
Death is all we know

Forever fucked
Eradicate the truths of history
Train our eyes, train our minds so we no longer see the casualties
Countless cultures murdered, generations stolen and deceived
No guilt to bear
Born to consume, to breed, to deny all that keeps us free

We’re born with nothing and we die alone
Forever fucked

Here’s the full press release issued by Epitaph Records:

Global metal phenoms Parkway Drive have just unleashed a brand new track from their soon to be released, spellbinding fourth album, Atlas out October 30th via Epitaph Records. The new track titled “Old Ghost / New Regrets” takes listeners on the epic journey of life and death of the world today, complimenting the overall darker album theme that centers around the state of the Earth as we know it. Fans are invited to pre-order the album by going to the Epitaph Store.

Parkway Drive have retained the classic elements of their magnificently heavy sound while broadening their horizons with new textures and dynamics. Lyrically, the band has turned a page in what is considered to be their most in – depth and advanced album to date. Front-man Winston McCall draws from the bands experience as one of the most heavily traveled acts on the planet, reaching remote destinations far beyond the everyday touring locations such as Calcutta and Bali, Indonesia.

“The album was written at a time the band was travelling very extensively which had a major effect on the lyrics,” says McCall. “While there is no overarching theme, the songs resonate with the travels we as a band have made, and the effects they have had. This has lead to some of the harshest, and also some of the most personal lyrical content that we’ve ever put to music. In every way, this record has been shaped by the experiences that shaped us a people.”

Commenting on the delicate landscape of the Earth’s current environment in “Old Ghost / New Regrets,” McCall growls, “Precious heritage laid waste before the chainsaws snarling teeth, bleed the Earth, bleed her ‘til her heart no longer beats,” between the ever so heavy metal riffs and bone-crushing drum fills that will not only have fans listening intently to the intricate and technical elements of the song, but will also have hardcore devotees and metal maniacs running to the pit.

McCall continues, “This record means the world to us. Never as a band, and as people, have we put more effort and thought into creating music. There is more of us in this record than anything before. The experiences that it took to create over the years were once in a lifetime. Ten years down the track, this is the Parkway you know, but we’ve decided to step it up.”

The new record is positioned to be the most highly anticipated heavy album of the year and follows 2010’s phenomenally successful Deep Blue, which debuted #39 in the US on the Billboard 200, #2 in Australia, as well as reaching solid Gold and winning the ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock and Metal Album and has since built steadfast momentum as a result of a groundswell of fan support in the US. Building on a record that was regarded as “not just a landmark album for themselves, [but] a milestone album for modern metal, (Metal Hammer),” Atlas cements Parkway Drive ‘s fourth album as their “hands down best yet and it’s also their most ambitious (Outburn).”

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