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Pelagic Records signees recap the best releases this year

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Ranking music is a terrible, iniquitous task, so we’ve decided to deal with it by ceding the mission to a number of inspiring labels and artists that we’ve been supporting throughout the years. Consensus is never easy here, but we’ve managed to encourage a bunch of great Pelagic Records associated bands to pick single recommendations that could relieve you from tracking down new, engaging sounds. Here they are – ‘best’ records of the year by BRIQUEVILLE, LLNN, YLVA, LABIRINTO, PG.LOSTHYENAS, WOVOKA, and TWINESUNS!

Closely connected to the Berlin-based international musicians’ collective THE OCEAN, Pelagic Records has been a consistent bright spot in European quality musical output these last few years, and we’ve been honored to work with them closely this year. The label will host the 3rd edition of Pelagic Fest at Cassiopeia , the closeby Badehaus, and Bi Nuu in Berlin. They will sell only 300 tickets for this amazing show and you can see more details HERE.

Pelagic Fest


Mount Eerie – A Crow Looked At Me

Next to love, death is probably the biggest source of inspiration throughout the history of music. But not always in the most sincere way, sometimes to shock the listener or to create a easy impression of sadness. It’s always interesting to see what the the confrontation of real death does to an artist. After his wife died in 2016, Phil Elverum delivered one of the most intense and heartfelt albums in 2017, if not of the last decade. Obsessive, destructive, but also as message of hope to their daughter.


Pissed Jeans – Why Love Now

I have been a fan of Pissed Jeans for some time now. Their new album is just raw energy filled with great riffs and vocals that kicks your head right in. I love the way they mix the catchy melodies with relentless screaming and distorted guitars. Not too much bullshit, just a great album and great band.


Pauline Anna Strom – Tans-Millenia Music

Somehow on a late night this album appeared and the sounds immediately had an impact. This is an album from synth pioneer Pauline Anna Strom, who was born blind and discovered in the late 60’s the world of synth’s and sounds. And this is a selection from her records and cassettes from the 1980s. Beautiful ambient music and a special and innovative artist to discover.


Unsane – Sterilize

The fact that in 2017 Unsane can still release a new record filled with as much venom as they have always possessed is quite a remarkable thing.


LLNN / Wovoka – Marks/Traces

I got the album on Pelagic when we were visiting Berlin, at the end of our last European tour in June, and this cd ended up being the soundtrack of the final days of the trip, and also stayed on my player for the rest of the year til now. Excellent tracks, heavy, dense and intense. LLNN and Wovoka together were a great fit for this split.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Flying Microtonal Banana

KingGizzard&TheLizardWizard, what a ridiculous band, in a good way! They have released 4 albums this year and “Flying Microtonal Banana” is named after the guitar they built for the album which has added frets to get those middle-eastern vibes going. They are always on tour so if you get the chance to miss them them, don’t.


GlassjawMaterial Control

After 15 years waiting for this record, it turned out to be the “most glassjaw sounding music“ at this point. Nearly every second of Material Control feels like getting constantly elbowed on the street but in a positive way.


Thundercat – Drunk

It probably is a little unconventional since it’s not a metal album, but we can’t recommend it enough. It had everything; Jazz, groove, funk, r&b, hip hop. He was able to mold all these amazing ideas and create the future. For newcomers please check out his single “Them Changes”. It is a perfect example and embodiment of these radical ideas. Also if you haven’t yet, check him out live to watch a truly transformative performance of him playing bass and singing in a live setting while funking the crowd to a new existence of jazz reality.


Ulver – The Assassination of Julius Caesa

Awesome synth action, awesome arrangements, vocals beyond amazing, and what I like the most is that most of the songs are unpredictable. They know how to surprise the listener. Favorite tracks: So Falls the Wall + Coming Home (two true masterpieces).

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