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Top 5 Hardcore Records of 2017, by Baltimore’s END IT!

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Narrowing down the Top Albums Of The Year is a difficult enough undertaking, as is, and considering IDIOTEQ-featured releases span multiple genres, we truly believe it’s somewhere from tough, unfair, silly, or simply unnecessary. With over 250 exclusive features and interviews this year, I simply couldn’t make up my mind, so I asked a bunch of great bands and labels to help me out. Baltimore hardcore punks END IT (Flatspot Records) answered our call and here are their picks. Straight up, explosive, raw, and gritty, just the way their local scene is.

END IT’s Self-Titled debut EP fromwas released via Flatspot Records earlier this year.

From the same label that brought you Mizery, Higher PowerTrapped Under Ice, and Backtrack, and now END IT. END IT walks down the path their Baltimore forefathers paved. Musically influenced by Gut Instinct and Next Step Up, while also paying musical homage to New York’s Neglect. Sonically reminiscent of the golden era of that harder early 90’s east coast sound and with lyrics that are unapologetically real, this release takes the listener to a dark Baltimore City alley way. A throwback, to when it wasn’t about trends or who you know, but when the music spoke for itself and was raw, unpolished aggression.

Catch END IT live on December 30th with QUEENSWAY, DEAD HEAT, WORN, and NO OPTION, and January 2nd in Richmond with an excellent line-up of ECOSTRIKE, FIRM STANDING LAW, and DOWNFALL!

Fireburn – Don’t Stop the Youth

Bad Brains the sequel. Of course I love that jawn, You can’t say you love hardcore and not dig this band. My words don’t even resonate what this band is doing. Actual amazing hardcore.

DC Disorder – Naive to the World

Stupid riffs. Love that they’re so close cause seeing/playing with them will be rad. Our neighbors to the south. You should check them out.

Trapped Under Ice – Heatwave

They got that classic TUI sound with this one. Can’t go wrong. This joint crank. Hometown homies.

Higher Power – Soul Structure

Got mad love for that LP. Dudes are killing it right now. Big fan of that dissonant 90s sound the use. Like a touch Jane’s Addiction. Dope.

Hangman – A Vile Decree

This is a goddamn ripper. They got that heavy, old school, hard skank groove. Make you break a mother fucker. Brian from Neglect was dope. Mixing the old with the new.

END IT shows Winter 2017 2018

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