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Top 3 Records of 2017 by Swedish doom metallers FIREBREATHER

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Several records this year aimed to bridge the gap between various genres, but a lot more proved that there’s still a lot of room for exploring possibilities of well-established styles and moods. Gothenburg trio FIREBREATHER and their self-titled debut album on Suicide Records (listen below) brings tons of shattering doom/sludge riffs from guitarist/vocalist Mattias Nööjdand, and we’re super stoked to have him on board with his brief list of best records released this year. Listen below and be sure to check the entire series and more 2017 recommendations HERE.

FIREBREATHER massive debut was released on February 22, 2017 via Suicide Records. The record was mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, Corrosion of Conformity, Beastmilk, Obituary) at his Audiosiege Studio in Portland, OR and features an astounding artwork by legendary underground artist Adam Burke.

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

This is such a powerful album and given the circumstances around it, it becomes even more powerful. I got chills down my spine the first time I heard it. Those haunting vocals and amazing bass work. It’s worth every minute sitting through it.

Coughdust – Worldwrench

Amazingly heavy sludge, reminds me a bit of Moho from Spain which is my favourite sludge band, although Coughdust has a bit more crust/death in the blood. Huge sound, listen to the riffs in the title track.

Elder – Reflections Of A Floating World

Takes you down so many different paths. Killer melodies, killer riffs, killer solos, killer bass lines. They totally nail it live too, amazing live band.

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