Phil Anselmo says PANTERA reunion tour with Zakk Wylde might happen

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In a recent interview with The Village Voice, Phil Anselmo (who just recently released a new EP with DOWN), he hinted that his former band PANTERA could actually reunite for a tour, with Zakk Wylde (best known as the guitarist for BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and OZZY OSBOURNE‘s solo band) filling in for the band’s late guitarist Dimebag Darrell, who was brutally murdered back in 2004.


He explains:

I talked to Zakk about two weeks ago, and he’s very open for it. He’s got an open mind about it. But, truth be told, Vince has got a grudge against me that is really unfounded. And, honestly, I’ve always had a wide-open door when it comes to Vince. If it takes me standin’ there and lettin’ that little guy punch me in the fuckin’ face repeatedly, over and over and over, ’till his hands were tired of hittin’ my rock-hard fuckin’ head, as long as we could sit down and talk afterwards, I’m all for it, man.

In the same interview, Phil was asked if there would be any issue with someone else playing Dimebag‘s guitar parts. His response was,

Well, now, I didn’t say that the Pantera thing is a realistic thing. I don’t think that’s the important thing. I think what the important thing is, what Zakk and I discussed, is just Vince actually dropping his guard and realizing there is no treachery afoot.

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