PLOW UNITED to release first new record in 14 years

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PLOW UNITED will release their first record in 14 years via Jump Start Records! See the details below.

The label commented:

I’ve probably said to myself a thousand times, “I wish Plow would get back together. I’d put out a record with that band in a heartbeat.” Most likely I’ve even said it to anyone around me while listening to any of the band’s records. Little did I ever believe that one day I’d be saying it for real.

Founded in 1992 by Brian, Joel, and Sean, Plow became a mainstay in the punk scene with releases like their 1995 self-titled debut and 1996 fan favorite Goodnight Sellout, both released by the influencial then West Chester-based label Creep Records. They soon found themselves sharing the stage and playing shows and tours with the likes of The Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, and Good Riddance. By the end of 1997 the band had decided to call it quits and the three went their separate ways. Shortly after Creep released the posthumous full-length Narcolepsy in 1998, further solidifying the band’s status in the scene for years to come.

Records are exactly that: a record. The recorded musical output of Plow United became something highly sought after in the years since their split, and offers to reunite and play shows persisted. Finally, in 2011 the band, with members now living in three different cities as far as 3,000 miles away, felt the time and circumstances were right and agreed to play the inaugeral Riot Fest East in Philadelphia, followed soon thereafter by shows with longtime friends The Bouncing Souls and a short run of dates with Less Than Jake and Samiam in early 2012. Paper and Plastick released the comprehensive discography Sleepwalk: A Retropsective in conjunction with the bands shows and featured highlights from the band’s discography on a beautiful gatefold double LP vinyl release.

Talk about a new record quickly followed the band as one date after another was confirmed seeing the band becoming more of an active unit then even they had anticipated. Since the Mayans predicted the world’s going end in six months anyway, why the heck not, right?

Following their upcoming appearance at Insubordination Fest and headling show at The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia this month, Plow United with be entering Gradwell House Studios with Dave Downham to record Marching Band, their first new material in nearly a decade and a half to be released by Jump Start in early 2013!

For more information about their upcoming appearances at Insubordination Fest and The First Unitarian Church with The Orphans, Iron Chic, and Spraynard in Philly, check out the links below:

Plow United at Insubordination Fest (June 22nd) –

Plow United at The First Unitarian Church (June 23rd) –

“Man, I really wish Plow would get back together again.” Sometimes shit happens for a reason.



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