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Polish grind metallers BLAST RITES smash brains with new LP “Beating the Count”

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Entering their 11th year as a band, Poznań based death metal grinders BLAST RITES are back with thick new offering, containing some of the most exciting extreme genre fusions we’ve heard this year.

For fans of: Misery Index, Dyscarnate, Aborted.

After 9 years, following the 2012 debut “Sucide Solution” EP, the band comes back with the full-length album containing 8 new tracks. “Beating the count” contains 24 minutes of condensed and relentless deathgrinding hardcore/hardcorish deathgrind mixing blast beats with groovy parts, featuring the full range of extreme vocals and delivering brutal energy that will make you headbang and open a moshpit in your bedroom.

As much as the band members love and are influenced by modern extreme acts, like Aborted, Benighted and Cattle Decapitation, with this release, unlike the debut EP that was to a greater extent inspired by the deathcore genre, the primary focus was to lean more towards oldschool and grindcore/hardcore-inspired music and sound where such bands as Misery Index, Murder Construct, Dyscarnate, Man Must Die come to mind. The band thus managed to deliver a perfect mix of death metal and grindcore speed and brutality combined with a decent amout of melody and hardcore vibe, also expressed through the artwork and lyrical content.

Asked about the lyrical content, the band reveals that “each track of the new album touches upon various aspects of internal and emotional struggle – the lyrics are rather personal and a careful listener will definitely notice the coherence within the lyrical content.”

Having formed in 2010 and released “Sucide Solution” back in 2012, the band remained inactive for several years and eventually parted ways with the former bass player, Mateusz Niedźwiecki. “Beating the count” was thus recorded by the 4 remaining members, i.e. Patryk Andre (guitars/bass), Michał Antczak (guitars/bass), Michał Sosnowski (vocals/lyrics) and Paweł Wyczółkowski (drums) and self-released by the band on all major streaming platforms. The tangible, CD version is already available while the major plans for 2021 include making a video to one track from the album, releasing the album on vinyl, getting a new bass player onboard and, understandably, playing shows to promote the new music.

The artwork and layout was made by Branca Studio while Marcin Rybicki of In Twilight’s Embrace/Blaze of Perdition took care of recording, mixing and mastering at Left Hand Sounds Studio.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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