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Polish grinder NONSANTO unveils new violent EP “Human Condition”

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Full of blast beats and neck-breaking grooves, the Wrocław based grinding thrashy metlalic punks NONSANTO (ex EVIL, SELF HATE, DIFFENBACHIA, 71TONMAN, O.D.R.A, USELESS) just released their new EP called “Human Condition“. Seven tracks of politically charged grindcore punk, guaranteed to rupture your eardrums, have been made available online and you can dive into it in its entirety below.

The EP was self-released digitally on March 3rd and it will be released on CD/LP/MC formats via NIC Records, Retkinia Records, DIY Kolo Records, Nieroby Records, 783 Punx, 9 Lies Records, Psychocontrol Records, Raw Zine Records, Eskaramuza DIY Distro and Larmo Records (MC).


The cover of this grindcore album embodies the bleakness and darkness of our current times. In stark black and white, it captures the turbulent and violent reality of the world today. On the cover, we see the sinister, grinning face of a man, his expression twisted into a malevolent sneer. Beside him, a gloomy skull with nails sticking out of it, a macabre symbol of death and destruction.

The contrast between the two images is jarring and unsettling, reminding us of the harsh and uncompromising nature of the world we live in. This artwork is a powerful representation of the gloomy times we are living in, a world where war and other calamities loom large and threaten to consume us all.

Those who have witnessed NONSANTO‘s live performance can attest to their relentless approach, as they play with a machine-like precision and show no mercy on stage. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming live gigs on their Facebook page here.

Nonsanto live
Nonsanto live
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