JUSTIN PEARSON by Photo by Stephanie Oster - Seattle, WA. March 7th, 2015
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“Possibly irrelevant”: End Of The Year List by Three One G Records

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By now you’ve probably checked out an end of the year list or two. Well, apart from the fact we’re not big fans of rankings and competitio within DIY music scene,  we believe such lists are good for at least one thing; introducing you to some releases and artists that might have slipped past your radar throughout the year. Here’s the first round of our new series, created in cooperation with a number of great labels and artists we’ve been supporting over the years. Justin Pearson of California’s forward thinking, DIY experimental punk label Three One G is the first to go!

Justin Pearson has been making waves on the Californian and worldwide experiemental punk scene since early 90s with his thought-provoking writing, as well as intense and committed performances with bands like SWING KIDS, THE LOCUST, RETOX, and DEAD CROSS as of late. We recently interviewed him about his photo-zine project with Becku DiGiglio called “Born Upside Down“, a collection of photographs and thought-provoking captions that “reveal the grime and rot of life in America”, and his relatively new PR company THE CHAIN! He has given us  something to be enjoyed for generation and we really like to think of him as one of the most intricate poets in modern American punk / alt art history.

Time is possibly irrelevant. Marking things by complete rotations around the sun may bring us something like lists such as this one. Personally I try to have little expectations for the next rotation, and focus on not taking the simple things for granted. With that being said, when looking towards each rotation I try to make myself and the world I live in a better place than it was left at in each previous cycle. – Justin Pearson

ANAL TRUMP – “If You Thought 6,000,000 Jews Was A Lot of People, You Should’ve Seen My Inaguration!” 5″ EP

Anything that is subversive and not subversive that might bruise the ego of #45 narcissist while done as a parody of Anal Cunt seems to be pretty good in my book.


Even before I heard or saw this band live, I knew they would be fantastic. They are easily one of the most underrated bands I have come across.

METZ – “Strange Peace” LP

Always perfect.

CHELSEA WOLFE live in San Diego

I’m a fan of Chelsea Wolf. However her biggest asset currently is Fred Sablan on bass.


One of my favorite new albums and one of the best humans that I know.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer by Yorgos Lanthimos (2017)

Because cinema and dialogue are just as important and relevant as music.

BASTARD NOISE live in San Diego

Eric Wood’s focus on texture and landscape, as well as his use of language is relevant and seems to embody the past, present and future all at once.

Uncle Grandpa: Odd-yssey

I finally made it as a cartoon voice! This episode is musically themed so this makes the list for me.


The lineage of this band has been interesting and innovative.

YEAH YEAH YEAHS live in Los Angeles

Nice to see family again.

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