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End of the Year List: melodic hardcore / punk rock label KROD Records

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Considering the quantity of various great recordings released in a year’s time, attempting to compile a comprehensive end of the year list mentioning every worthy offering would be difficult at best. Our new series represents a fertile cross-section of some of the most compelling records of all genres, moods, and styles in 2017. Here’s the newest round from French/German punk rock / pop punk / melodic hardcore label KROD Records, who has been putting out some great records from IDIOTEQ-featured bands DREAM NAILS, HIGHTOWER, FAKE-OFF, COLD READING, RAINCHECK, THE DEADNOTES, KILL HER FIRST, and a number of other packs worth a check!

Asked about how 2017 has been treating KROD Records, the label’s owner Jordan Calvi commented:

2017, as 2016 didn’t end well for me personally, I could just expect something better, and it was. I’ve signed amazing artists, moved to Berlin and met dozen great people. I’m really happy of how things went this year and I can just hope to carry on like this for 2018. We planned to release the next album of Colour Me Wednesday & The Deadnotes the first album of South Berkeley and we’ve just announced a tour with Hightower x Daggermouth (April). We will celebrate our 3rd candle with them and Kill Her First in Berlin. Thank you Karol for supporting us since the beginning 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 & more I hope so!

He further elaborated on his recent moving to Berlin and DIY labels in general:

Moving to Berlin made me even more realise than there is a lack of good things in France. Even if it exists good promoters like Knardage Asso or Reglisse Asso to quote only the ones I’ve got in my mind right now for example, the scene in France needs more people like them. When I see big bands touring and just stop in Paris, it’s sad, really.

About DIY labels, there are more and more and more, and yes! Keep up the good work guys, support your friends and release their album, do homemade tapes, print some stickers for them, do everything you can!

HIGHTOWER – Club Dragon / KROD

I put this one on the first. Hightower, it may appear like I’m doing self-promotion but I have to mention them anyway. This is the band of my brother, Alexis (bass) and I was so happy to sign them. If you know the guys you see that they put so much energy into their band and it’s a real pleasure to work with them. FFO: Lifetime, Set Your Goals.

SPIRITS – Unrest

When I was younger, there was more hardcore music in my hears than punk rock. When I’ve discovered this new album, it was a big “woooah”. I’ve bought the LP right away.

The second thing about this record is that it’s released through Useless Pride and they are my friends and I guess that If I have grown up with my label that much, it’s also thanks to them.

NO TRIGGER – Adult Braces

To be honest, my favorite album of this band is Canyoneer, but since I’ve seen them live in 2007 with Set Your Goals, it’s one of my favorite punk rock band. Hello Tom!

They will be in Europe soon! Check out Destiny Toubooking’s page if you don’t wanna miss the dates.

DEATH OF A NATION – Don’t Speak For Me

Founded by members of Verse & Defeater, this sound is what I really dig when it comes to hardcore music. The lyrics are even more powerful, the mix of both result of an amazing song.

I just can’t wait to hear a full album of them. Please, Chris!


Alright, another band in my team but I have to mention too. They made a really good ep that year full of melancholic melodies and I was very happy to have it.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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