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Post hardcore band ATTIC reunites; premiere new album; listen HERE!

ATTIC premiere
Mantova, Italy based mathy, bleak post hardcore ATTIC have just reunited after a 6 years hiatus and they are about to release a new full length, an impressive comeback and a perfect endpoint to a very noisy, intense, yet varied body of work. Today,w e’re giving you a chance to listen the full thing early before its official April 20th release date!

Attic is a post-hardcore band from Mantova. Since it’s inception in 2003 the band has always made of heavy sounds and obscure atmospheres its trademark. After releasing “On Your Grave” (Moonlight Records) in 2012, the band had to abruptly interrupt their live career, leaving them with an unsatisfied lust for blood, sweat and tears on stage. That was the year 2013.

Fast forward to 2019: Attic surprisingly announces a new release and its return to live activities. The single “Black Mountain”, opening track of a new album called “Interiors”, self-released by the band, to be officially out on April 20th.

A great comeback that doesn’t smell like old, regenerated sounds. On the contrary, it’s more like a breath of fresh air for all fans of post-hardcore and heavy music in general.

Attic commented “Interiors” and their decision for a return.

“After years of silence and many problems we felt the need to give birth to these songs. We’re really happy with the result, they fully represent us as a reformed band as well as individuals and musicians.

There’s great feeling with the two new members of the band, Marco and Stefano, old time friends of ours. We’re sure our lives inside the band are going to intertwine around the same desire for this kind of form of expression. We all want it to be a faithful representation of ourselves.

We’re stoked, “Interiors” is a genuine and sincere album and we’re happy to celebrate its release party at Arci Dallò in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova), which is like a second home to us. April 20th is going to be a great show and a great party, we’re sharing it with long time friends such as Haunting Green and Northwoods. They also have great albums out now, we recommend to check them out.”

“Interiors” has been recorded and mixed by Luigi Signori at Take One Studio, while Danilo Battocchio (Deepest Sea Studio) puts his skills at its service in the mastering process.

While all the focus is currently on the most important comeback show of April 20th, Attic has expressed its intention to start hitting the road again, both in Italy and abroad. A European mini-tour is in the making, to be announced before the end of the year.



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