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Post hardcore infused punk rockers COOLING premiere new single “Tungas”

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Ottawa based Cooling, an emotive punk-rock band with a post-hardcore edge, are joining us today to give you their newest single titled “Tungas.” Offering an exclusive sneak peek of their newest work, the band encourage everyone to listen to or even download the track, emphasizing their belief that music should not be constrained by online algorithms or lengthy approval processes. Check it out below and feel free to reach out to the band and join their singles club, where they can expect a wealth of exciting new material in the coming months.

Composed in 2018, the new track serves as a compelling representation of Cooling‘s musical growth and the creative influences they’ve encountered in the experimental alternative scene. This latest offering showcases an evolution in their sound, fusing various sections that seamlessly transition and mutate, while maintaining a consistent energy and vibrant aura. The song exudes a powerful, brick wall sound, yet its diverse chords and arrangement ideas provide moments for distinct elements to shine through, much like a perfectly spiced meal that leaves a lasting impression.

In terms of lyrics, “Tungas” explores the complexities of a crumbling relationship. Rather than focusing on animosity, the song delves into the idea of accepting personal limitations and selflessly prioritizing the well-being of others. It serves as a reminder of the importance of empathy and the impact our actions can have on those around us.


Cooling has embraced the challenges of maintaining their artistry while geographically separated. Through a strong online presence, the band has established “The Singles Club,” an email list that provides exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, and early access to their music.

The band’s collaborative spirit shines through in their creative process. During rehearsals, each member contributes their own unique ideas, allowing the compositions to evolve organically. Esteban’s expertise in engineering has played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of “Tungas” and the upcoming album, with recording taking place at Black Manthra Studios and Lefty Audio in Ottawa.


Tuto and Ospi have taken charge of the artwork and photography, respectively, bringing their creative concepts to life.


While the full album is still in progress, Cooling shares “Tungas” as the first step in a series of upcoming releases.

“The new record has been a long time coming and some songs from it are still in production, for now, we have this first release scheduled for the 10th of June, that hopefully will be followed by another one a month after, Esteban is currently putting together a team of musician friends so we can further promote the project in the Ottawa area, there’s one show booked and a couple of extra ones on the works.  Regarding the final product with a total of 9 songs we don’t know yet when is it coming out, this is the first time we decide to manage such an ambitious project by ourselves, either way, we prefer to go at our own speed and let every action blossom with time.” – comments the band.


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