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PREMIERE: CONGRESS (members of 3 Inches of Blood, Bison, Baptists) drop the H​-​Bomb digitally!

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Comprised of featuring former members of Bison, Erosion, Pride Tiger and 3 Inches of Blood, CONGRESS were a force of hardcore, sludge, and noise rock that captivated Vancouver audiences form 2009 to 2011. During their time as a band, CONGRESS played a variety of high-profile shows opening for the likes of Ken Mode, Buried Inside, and Baptists before disbanding and moving onto other projects. Today, we’re stoked o give you the digital version of their 2009 debut, along with a special rundown of their other bands.

For the first time ever, their debut album, H-Bomb, will be available digitally and on casette through Tone Zone Records.

From a band that sounds like black metal meets the Jesus Lizard, H-Bomb has everything from sludge to noise-rock, and everything that comes in between.

H-Bomb is a seminal Vancouver heavy music classic that deserves to finally see the light of day.


Top 5 projects CONGRESS were involved with:

3 Inches of Blood – Advance and Vanquish

3 Inches of Blood were at the forefront of Canadian heavy metal in the early 2000s. Their blend of NWOBHM and contemporary extreme metal influences made for a sound that was unique in heavy music at the time.

Featuring both Matt Wood and Jamie Hooper of Congress, Advance and Vanquish is full of songs about Dungeons and Dragons warfare featuring blistering iron maiden guitar harmonies along the way. For the artist involved, Advance and Vanquish is ground zero for the musical foundation of these artists.

Pride Tiger – Lucky Ones

Following Matt Wood’s departure from 3 Inches of Blood, Matt created a more Thin-lizzy rock and roll band called Pride Tiger. Their debut record, Lucky Ones, saw the band sign to EMI Music Canada and have a number of tour highlights including playing South by South West festival in 2007.

Erosion – Maximum Suffering

With Erosion being a sludgy crust-punk band, vocalist Jamie Hooper trades in his shrieking vocal delivery for a more death-metal caveman delivery on Maximum Suffering. With songs about the downfall and demise of human kind, Maximum Suffering is a very bleak record that speaks to the many ills in society today. Erosion also features Congress bass player Danny Marshall playing drums in this project.

Baptists – Beacon of Faith

Congress bass player, Danny Marshall, is main songwriter and guitarist in the most-well known d-beat/hardcore to come from Vancouver. Featuring blistering blast beats and dissonant angular riffs, The Cursed inspired outfit create their best offering on their latest record Beacon of Faith.

Slow Learners – Grow on You

Featuring Congress guitarist John Johnston, Slow Learners were a renowned garage rock band from Vancouver that played a plethora of shows with the likes of Dead Soft, Atrakhan, and many others. Their debut record, Grow on You, is reminiscent of bands like the Wipers, Sonic Youth, and Yuck.

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