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PRIMITIVE MAN release new video for “Menacing”

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PRIMITIVE MAN has unveiled an unsettling new video clip for “Menacing.” Now playing at Revolver, the track comes off the band’s extreme, terrifying, and confrontational new album, Immersion, set for release next month via Relapse Records.

Comments guitarist/vocalist Ethan McCarthy, “‘Menacing’ is about asking the unhinged whirlwind of chaos that controls life to guide you through the various trials and tribulations one might encounter and in what ways that can mold/shape a person’s character. I also speak on the lonely road that one can follow when they refuse to compromise on what they want in this life. Whatever that may be. And that there is a certain level of self-doubt and insanity that blankets all of this. Life is messy.”

PRIMITIVE MAN by Alvino Salcedo
PRIMITIVE MAN by Alvino Salcedo

Immersion will be released on CD, LP, cassette, and digital formats on August 14th. Physical preorders are available now.

True to the trio’s ethos, every moment of PRIMITIVE MAN’s Immersion is overwhelming; from the sonic pummeling of the album opener “The Lifer” to the brooding, unnerving guitars whirring throughout “Entity,” Immersion builds and builds. The tension throughout the record is palpable. Hair raising tracks such as “Menacing” push and pull constantly, shifting from passages of harsh doom to an endless corridor of horrid screaming, blast beats, and a formidable low end.

Adding to the album’s darkness, a pervasive lyrical anxiety erodes throughout the record. A stark look at a mirror, Immersion’s themes tackle sobering views on existential crises, a general distrust among another, and the current state of the world. McCarthy elaborates, “souring your view on your existence and everything you had worked towards… allowing yourself to become possessed by the darkest parts of your mind that you have carried around your entire life and not dealt with.”

Fitting to these dark times, Immersion is an introspective look into ruin and undoing. As McCarthy explains, Immersion dives into the point of no return. “Now you’re a grown man and you’re fucked.”

PRIMITIVE MAN is: Ethan Lee McCarthy – guitars, vocals, Jonathan Campos – bass, Joe Linden – drums.

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