PUBLIC SERPENTS touring crew
PUBLIC SERPENTS touring crew
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PUBLIC SERPENTS share new enthralling ska punk rock banger – listen to “The Bully Puppet”!

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Not even a month since our last in-depth feature with Skwert Gunn (Public Serpents, ex-Choking Victim), his exciting ska punk rock band Public Serpents are back with the full stream of their new album “The Bully Puppet”, out today on SBAM Records!

The new release comes after a decade of personal and professional struggles for Skwert, including imprisonment, homelessness, and the breakdown of his marriage. For Skwert, the band is more than just a musical project, it’s a lifeline. “My whole life is invested in this. Artistically, physically and mentally, I’d probably die without it… there literally would be no point in living at this point”, he says.

Despite being a relatively new band, Public Serpents have already made a name for themselves on the music scene, having spent the past year touring America and Europe. The band’s sound is characterized by a fusion of crack steady and crust ska punk, with elements of hardcore punk and street punk thrown in for good measure. Their new album promises to be an energetic and mighty offering, with catchy hooks, raw vocals, and plenty of brass.

Fans can expect a range of styles on “The Bully Puppet“, from fast-paced hardcore punk anthems like “Why Can’t I Tell”, to ska core favorites like “When Pigs Lie” and “Armageddon Stomp”. The album also features a standout track in “Farewell”, a melancholic and uplifting tune that showcases Skwert’s impressive vocal range.

Public Serpents are no strangers to the music scene, with Skwert having previously played with Choking Victim and helped pioneer the crack steady and crust ska punk movement. With their new album, they prove that they are a force to be reckoned with, delivering a storm of melody and a raw, dirty sound that is sure to please fans of punk and ska alike. Don’t miss out on this superb ska core album – be sure to grab your copy of “The Bully Puppet” today!

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