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Stockholm’s metallic hardcore band EXISTENCE premiere new album “Go To Heaven”

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Existence has a rich history that can be traced back to 2016, when a group of young Stockholm hardcore enthusiasts were eager to pay homage to the legendary band Cro-Mags. Since then, with a few personnel changes, the current group of talented and insane individuals have been carving out a path towards a violent future since early 2017. They share members with other bands such as Blood Sermon and Speedway and are actively involved in the local DIY community, running the Alive and Well Fest. With a 2018 EP already under their belt, several tours around Europe and beyond, and performances at notable stages such as Outbreak, their sound has evolved, culminating in the masterpiece that is their debut LP, ‘Go to Heaven’.

With almost 40 minutes of playtime, this epic body of work is something that no one can be fully prepared for. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of bands such as Slayer, Merauder, H8000, Arkangel, and Integrity, the Stockholm HC scene has created a metallic hardcore masterpiece.

The songs take listeners on a journey through classic metallic breakdown riffs, acoustic guitar sections, and sword samples, requiring someone who is unafraid of complexity. This led to Jonah Falco of Fucked Up to work on the mixing, giving the album the depth it deserves.

The lyrics are sometimes introspective, sometimes pure brute force, and the painted artwork by Nora Löwenberg of a face behind shattered glass encapsulates the multifaceted nature of humanity and the ever-changing place of the self in today’s global world. If this all sounds like your kind of hardcore, then the LP will be truly heaven to your ears.

“There has always been a religious undertone in my lyrics, and for this record more than ever. I am in no way a religious person, but I think religion often has the words to describe things that are indescribable, things that transcends reality and logic. And making use of those symbols, words and ideas is a way for me to understand complex feelings and thoughts.” – comments the band’s vocalist Linus for NoEcho magazine.

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