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Punk Aid! Free the Beagles – a collaborative DIY project coming up – new version of the classic Angelic Upstarts anthem “Solidarity” streaming!

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Just released as a part of Punk Aid! Free the Beagles, “Solidarity” is a collaborative DIY music project he song is a reworking of the classic Angelic Upstarts anthem Solidarity, with the lyrics reworded, to draw attention to the horrors of animal testing, especially the horrific practice of breeding beagles at the MBR Acres puppy farm in Huntington, Cambridge in order to supply them to animal testing laboratories.

The Punk Aid project has been a labour of passion, which includes contributions from the punk, DIY and animal rights activism scene from around the world, including members of Napalm Death, Vice Squad, Doom, Oi Polloi, Hard Skin, Shöck, Disaffect, Active Slaughter, Armoured Flu Unit, Rites of Hadda, anarchistwood, Sedition, Lab Rats, Nō!, Bratakus and Brain Anguish.

Punk Aid Solidarity with the Beagles cover

Downloads are £1+ and all money raised will go to the Free the MBR Beagles campaign:

A spokesperson for Punk Aid, who remained anonymous “because we want this to be about the animals not individuals” said: “Through the power of online communication, bands and people from across the international DIY punk community have worked together to bring attention to the fate of the MBR Beagles and all animals being experimented upon across the globe. Our primary aim is to use the reach of the bands involved to spread the important message about the beagles. We also want to show our solidarity with the activists fighting against this hell hole! Our greatest wish for the New Year would be for 2023 to be the year that animal experimentation was consigned to the dustbin of history.”

Punk Aid Solidarity with the Beagles

They went on to say: “This has been a truly collaborative effort with many people involved in its writing, recording and production. For more than eighteen months activists have been campaigning to close MBR Acres in Cambridgeshire, this is our way of showing solidarity with those activists and the dogs!””

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