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Punk rock band VIRGINITY release raw, reflective, and nostalgia-driven punk ballad “Best Friend”

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Today VIRGINITY release their raw, reflective, and nostalgia-driven punk ballad “Best Friend.” The song is taken from their upcoming full-length album POPMORTEM set to release October 15, 2021 via Smartpunk Records, with pre-orders available now. With a soft spoken, heart warming start and a raging, painstakingly honest finish – the track explores the range of emotions that occur when a close bond drifts apart.

“This is definitely the most emotional song for me on the record. It’s about my childhood best friend and how we grew apart after his dad passed away. We still see each other from time to time, but I feel like he’s just sort of stuck in this weird limbo.” – Casey Crawford, Vocalist of Virginity

Virginity plays punk music written through a mature lens. Casey Crawford could mark across a map to symbolize the far-reaching influences where he began honing his voice. However, it’s in the visceral experiences of thirty-something crises where he fully discovered it. Only time and evolution could mix up their musical cocktail of accidental luck and punch-drunk honesty.

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