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Punk Rock Shorts of the week of February 19th

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This week, the punk rock world is alive and kicking with a slew of new drops and buzzworthy updates, delivering a thrilling mix of sounds that’ll have everyone talking and moshing. With everything from the infectious melodies of melodic punk, the gritty drive of skate punk, to the heartfelt vibes of emo punk, the scene’s diversity is on full display. Dive into the latest below!

M.U.T.T. have teamed up with us to share their new EP, “Dirty Deeds,” via Quiet Panic on February 23rd.

The EP showcases a masterclass in punk’s signature utilitarianism, drawing comparisons to the charming trashiness of Amyl And The Sniffers and the hook-laden simplicity of early Joyce Manor.

Hailing from San Francisco, M.U.T.T. emerges as worthy torchbearers of the city’s long-standing legacy in the American underground music scene. The band formed after the dissolution of John Jr.’s previous band, Culture Abuse, and quickly evolved from a lo-fi bedroom project into a fully realized group.

Belgian punk rock stalwarts F.O.D. share new single, “Living In A Mad Mad World,” released digitally on February 22.

Drawing inspiration from iconic 90s predecessors like Green Day, Descendents, Lagwagon, and Bad Religion, F.O.D. injects their signature twist into the punk-rock genre, infusing their sound with harmonies and catchy melodies.

Since their debut EP/CD “Dance To This!” in 2011, F.O.D. has solidified their status as a household name in the Belgian punk rock scene. With a string of successful releases under their belt, including the albums “ONTARIO,” “TRICKS OF THE TRADE,” and “HARVEST,” F.O.D. has garnered international acclaim and built a dedicated fanbase.

The band’s fifth full-length album, “SLEEPVILLE,” released in 2020, showcased their storytelling prowess and musical versatility, despite facing challenges posed by the global pandemic. Now, with their sixth album, “The Once A Virgin Club,” slated for release on SBÄM Records in 2024, F.O.D. is poised to reclaim their punk rock roots with fast, catchy, melodic anthems filled with harmonies.

Former members of 80s PNW punk stalwarts Young Pioneers are set to unveil their latest venture, SPIDERS FROM URANUS, with the release of their debut single on February 23rd.

Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like The Jam, The Hives, and The Buzzcocks, Spiders From Uranus brings a fresh, infectious energy and the first new single off of the new record proves it!

Spearheaded by songwriter Chris Pugh, who boasts a rich musical background with previous projects like Young Pioneers, Pet Projects, and Creep, the band is poised to deliver a high-octane blend of guitars, drums, and harmonies.

Greg Rekus, the stalwart of the Folk Punk scene, is set for an exhilarating year with the release of his new album, “Sinners Go to Church Saints Go to Jail.”

With a history of captivating audiences through extensive tours in Canada, the USA, and Europe, Rekus’s latest work is a testament to his ever-evolving craft in the music world.

The new record not only signifies a milestone in his career but also introduces a fresh Inside Job lineup, including the talents of Shea Koch on drums, Blue McLeod on bass, accordion, and vocals, and the return of Darryl Riley on saxophone. The production prowess of John Paul Peters, renowned for his work with Propagandhi, Comeback Kid, and Royal Canoe, has shaped the album’s sound into a harmonious blend of Rekus’s signature clever lyrics and infectious melodies.

“Sinners Go to Church Saints Go to Jail” features eleven original tracks that showcase the rejuvenation of Rekus’s musical style alongside a tribute to Mischief Brew, a nod to the folk-punk community. With standout tracks like “Follow That Sound” and “Ambitious Heart,” this album promises to resonate with fans old and new.

In celebration of the new release, Greg Rekus will hit the road for the first half of 2024, bringing his dynamic performance to favorite venues and cities.

Slovenian punk rock quartet, SMACKED, is gearing up for an explosive 2024 with the impending release of their second album, “ON YOUR EXPENSE!” slated for March 1st.

Fresh off the waves of their debut, “Surfing the Tsunami,” which hit shores in April 2023, the band is set to embark on a whirlwind European tour alongside the raucous sounds of DRUNKTANK from the Netherlands and the beer-soaked antics of Italy’s BEERBONG.

In anticipation of their album drop, SMACKED dropped a bombshell on February 15th with the release of their blistering single and accompanying video, “LOSE CONTROL.” A sonic tsunami in its own right, the track unleashes a tidal wave of raw energy, promising a tidal wave of punk rock fury to come.

With their fingers firmly on the pulse of the underground scene, SMACKED is poised to leave a trail of chaos and sonic destruction in their wake as they hit the road in 2024. Get ready to lose control!


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Italy’s own UNDERTAKERS pays homage to punk legends THE RAMONES with their blistering grindcore rendition of “Pet Sematary.”

I wasn’t quite sure where to place it, cause it’s metal and grindcore, but what the hell. You it eat, punk rockers! Released on February 23, 2024, this cover is now available for streaming and download, offering a raw and relentless take on the classic track.

But that’s not all—fans can also snag an official Undertakers cap to complete their headbanging ensemble. With shipping available within 5 days, you won’t want to miss out on this killer merch opportunity.

Known for their explosive live performances, Undertakers has shared the stage with heavyweights like Napalm Death, Suffocation, and Cannibal Corpse. Their unique blend of grind, brutal, and hardcore elements promises an unforgettable musical experience.

So crank up the volume, don your Undertakers cap, and dive headfirst into the mayhem of “Pet Sematary.” Italy’s grindcore scene just got a whole lot louder.

Demons Run Amok announces the 10th Anniversary Edition release of BOOZE & GLORY’s “As Bold As Brass” on February 23rd.

This special edition, previously sold out for over five years, features refreshed artwork with a gatefold cover, UV print, and glossy artwork on a matte background. The album has been remastered by Rafal, also known as “Teddy Bear” from STone Studios.

The reissue includes editions in highlighter yellow with grey splatter vinyl (100 copies), crystal clear vinyl (50 copies), and standard black vinyl, with exclusive colored vinyl available through CoreTex & Motorcity. This release celebrates a decade of the album’s influence in the Oi! scene, inviting fans to revel in the energy and camaraderie it encapsulates.

STAND STILL just dropped their new melodic punk rock / melodic hardcore blend “Steps Ascending”.

This track is a sweet throwback to ’90s passion, hitting you with that genuine honesty vibe. It comes from their upcoming LP, out soon on DAZE label.

This track, emerging from intense studio sessions throughout 2023, embodies the band’s signature high-energy performances and crowd-engaging anthems. “Steps Ascending” delivers punchy rhythms paired with an infectious chorus, perfect for those drive-with-the-windows-down kind of days.

Vocalist Gerry Windus dives into themes of Catholic guilt and existential anxiety, crafting lyrics that resonate deeply with those grappling with the weight of unanswered questions. The band, already known for electrifying live shows, plans to continue captivating audiences with upcoming shows alongside Family Dinner, as well as an East Coast tour with House and Home and Spite House on select dates.

Get ready to feel the energy during their upcoming shows below.


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SUM 41 drops the new single “Waiting On A Twist Of Fate” with an accompanying music video.

It’s the third release from their upcoming double album and final release, “Heaven :x: Hell”, out March 29, 2024, on Rise Records. Post their world tour and final shows in January 2025, the band will disband.

GIRLSGIRLSGIRLS share new single “Minute,” is now available on all digital platforms, ready to inject some melodic rock goodness into your playlist.

This infectious track is just a taste of what’s to come, as it’s taken from their upcoming EP set to launch with an epic party—and guess what? You’re invited!

Pop punk act BETWEEN YOU & ME shares new single “In The Middle”.

Despite a stumble with the underperforming single “YEAH!” which didn’t resonate with streaming algorithms last year, the band is hitting the road with renewed vigor. Their first-ever worldwide headline tour is underway, with initial UK shows exceeding expectations, a testament to their resilience and dedication to do things on their own terms.

STRUNG OUT and BELVEDERE are teaming up for a summer tour across Europe and the UK.

Strung Out will be promoting their upcoming album “Dead Rebellion” set to release on April 5, while Belvedere recently released “Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense” in 2021. The tour kicks off on July 17th in Wermelskirchen, DE and includes stops in cities like Vienna, Berlin, London, and more, before wrapping up on August 10th in Den Haag, NL.

RUINED from Zürich, Switzerland, just dropped two new punk rock singles, “Anything At All” and its acoustic counterpart “Apologies.”

Released on February 19, 2024, these tracks blend emotive punk energy with introspective lyrics.

Chicago punks PURE INTENTION share new single “No Control”.

Comments the band: ““No Control” off our upcoming EP will be released. Please stream it and pleasure your ear gentials to the tune of high voltage, beer induced, catholic all boys high school, Pure Intention rock n roll.”

STREETS TO OURSELVES shared new video for “Crash,” the first single from their sophomore album “The Truth Between Us,” on February 23rd, 2024.

Daniel Peachy, the band’s frontman, shares that “Crash” delves into the whirlwind of life’s changes, the nostalgia for simpler times, and the longing for personal and global peace. Drawing inspiration from the early 2000s pop-punk scene as well as contemporary acts, this single not only represents a leap forward in their musical journey but also marks a poignant reflection on the complexities of our modern existence.

VELCROS are hitting the scene hard with their latest single “Bitter Lake,” a teaser from their eagerly awaited album “Strange News From the Vault,” dropping on March 22, 2024.

For fans of TOM PETTY, WIPERS, HOT SNAKES, and BUZZCOCKS, this track is a must-listen, blending intense guitar work reminiscent of Hot Snakes and Wipers with the band’s hardcore punk foundations.

“Bitter Lake” promises an electrifying ride, complete with unexpected harmonic twists. Born from a transformative live experience with Texas punk band Radioactivity, VELCROS was formed by Fabian Bremer (AUA, RADARE), Nicolai Hildebrandt (Ex-OKTA LOGUE), and Manuel Markstein (WAYSTE), rekindling the explosive energy they witnessed. This formation marks a return to their punk roots, especially for Bremer and Hildebrandt, former members of the hardcore band SARG.

25 years into their journey, Helsinki’s hardcore punk stalwarts HERO DISHONEST unleash their 9th album, “Flat Society”.

This back-to-roots blast features swift, raw outbursts of anger, with lyrics alternating between Finnish and English, marking a milestone for the band with its straightforward, furious tracks.

The album “Me aburro Vol 1” by FANTA is a melodic punk rock offering that brings a fresh and soulful twist to the genre.

Recorded at Gabba Studios during the months of June and July 2023, the album is produced and mastered by Oscar F.A.N.T.A. All songs are written and composed by F.A.N.T.A.

Featuring tracks like “Thelma & Louise,” “El peor del mundo,” and “Jorge y María,” the album delivers energetic melodies and catchy hooks that set it apart from traditional pop punk. With a touch of Ramones-inspired sound, Fanta infuses their music with authenticity and passion.

The split album featuring CONCRETE ELITE and ULTRA RAZZIA is now streaming, showcasing seven tracks of raw and melodic intensity of Oi! Punk.

With Concrete Elite hailing from Austin, Texas, and Ultra Razzia bringing their Montreal filth, this record is a transnational punk union. Pre-orders for the split 12” are available, with options for both EU/World via Rebellion Records and for the U.S. through Warthog Speak.

Concrete Elite is known for their Oi! Hardcore Punk sound, packing a punch with their tracks “Cages,” “World of Violence,” and “Victory at Any Cost.” On the flip side, Ultra Razzia, with members from the seasoned band The Prowlers, delivers French-sung tracks like “De sang-froid” and “Le séjours des morts,” adding a unique voice to the split.

German emotive pop punk infused rockers SHORELINE share new album “To Figure Out,” which offers a diverse blend of emo alt-rock with elements of punk rock, post-hardcore, pop punk, and even hints of British indie rock and Britpop.

Hailing from Münster, Germany, Shoreline has built a solid reputation as a dynamic live band, sharing stages with scene legends like Basement, Silverstein, Spanish Love Songs, and Hot Water Music.

Produced by Chris Teti at Silverbullet Studios Burlington, CT (known for his work with Anxious, Fiddlehead, and The World is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die), “To Figure Out” showcases Shoreline’s evolution and musical maturity. The album delves into heavy political topics such as the climate crisis and animal rights, as well as personal themes including difficult friendships and love songs.

Accompanying the album drop is the release of the intense new single and video for “Darius,” which stands out as one of SHORELINE’s heaviest tracks to date. Reflecting on the pressures of being in a “professional” band and the importance of cherishing shared experiences, “Darius” serves as a poignant reminder to appreciate the journey amidst the industry’s demands.

Lead singer Hansol Seung’s journey of self-awareness and empowerment, particularly as an Asian-German, is a central theme on the album. Tracks like “SEOUL” explore themes of cultural identity and self-acceptance, offering an intimate and empowering narrative. Additionally, the album features Chris Cresswell (The Flatliners, Hot Water Music) on the track “WORKAROUND,” adding depth to Shoreline’s sonic aesthetic and paying tribute to their punk rock roots while pushing forward with a modern take on the genre.

BAD RELIGION is hitting Europe this summer! Tickets for headlining shows go on sale Friday, February 23rd, at 9:00 AM local time.

Grab yours at

Alabama punk-rock band ABUSEMENTS partners with Oregon-based label American Leather Records for their upcoming LP release, “Grievance Beerwater Reprisal,” set to drop later in 2024.

Led by frontman Todd Souvignier, the band’s high-energy punk sound remains true to their roots while evolving with each release. Founded in 2017, Abusements features a lineup of seasoned musicians, including Dominique Bradley, Sr., Lyra Lyricat, and Jay Hensley/Wil Evans, with additional vocals by Britt Johnson.

Jump Start Records shares “How It Should Be,” from midwest pop punk outfit Wes Hoffman and Friends.

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Wes Hoffman and Friends have been making waves since 2017, but it was during the pandemic of 2020 that they truly found their stride. Following the success of their debut EP, “Rewrite The Story,” released in January 2022, the band embarked on an extensive tour across the midwest, with notable stops in Canada, Denver, and Philadelphia.

Characterized by a nostalgic sound reminiscent of early 2000s pop punk, infused with a contemporary twist, Wes Hoffman and Friends deliver an energetic stage presence coupled with insightful lyrics reflecting the complexities of modern adulthood. Themes of mental health, relationships, loss, and self-discovery permeate their music, complemented by infectious hooks and sing-along choruses.

INNUENDO streaming first new song from melodic and gritty new album “PEACE & LOVE.”

The Milwaukee-based punk outfit is teasing fans with a pre-order of their album, due for release on March 7, 2024.

Punk Island NYC announces its triumphant return to Randalls Island in NYC on June 8, 2024, marking the collective’s 16th anniversary.

After a hiatus from the island, the event will feature six stages for the first time since the pre-pandemic era. Submissions for performers, volunteers, and zine vendors are open until March 15, 2024, with applications available on Punk Island’s official Linktree. The collective encourages workshop ideas to be submitted through the zine vendor’s application. While only a partial flyer design has been released, the full design and 2024 lineup are eagerly anticipated.

Lead Organizer Antonio Rodriguez expresses the collective’s excitement for the return to Randalls Island, highlighting the opportunity for growth and reconnection. Punk Island NYC, led by a collective of artists, curators, musicians, and educators, aims to showcase the vitality, diversity, and intensity of the NYC punk scene. As a not-for-profit organization, Punk Island is funded by Make Music New York, the collective, and the community.

FUCKED UP is marking the 15th anniversary of their influential album The Chemistry of Common Life with the release of a new digital EP, 44th & Vanderbilt.

This comes alongside the orange 2LP vinyl reissue of the album as part of Matador Records Revisionist History series, set to be available from February 23. The EP comprises three session performances from the album’s era, featuring tracks “Crooked Head,” “Magic Word,” and “No Epiphany,” plus a No Age remix of “No Epiphany.”

The experimental punk rockers have just rolled out a new EP “44th & Vanderbilt” with a twist. Kicking off with a collaborative track featuring NO AGE, the EP then dives into a set of raw, unvarnished cuts from their Daytrotter sessions. These tracks strip back the layers, offering a visceral listening experience that captures the band’s unfiltered live energy.

Band members Jonah Falco and Mike Haliechuk dive into the creation of the record in the latest episode of Matador’s Revisionist History podcast, featuring a conversation with former label employee Natalie Judge. The podcast is available on YouTube for those interested in the backstory of making this seminal record, and the 44th & Vanderbilt EP can be streamed online, offering fans a fresh take on this pivotal moment in Fucked Up’s career.

“Kentwood,” the latest single from TRASHED AMBULANCE, delivers a fresh melodic punk rock vibe.

The track, a nod to the unapologetic ethos of punk rock, delivers a blitz of energy sure to satisfy fans of Pulley, Face to Face, and The Flatliners. With praise from critics like Mark McConville and AJ Phink, the release solidifies Trashed Ambulance’s status in the punk scene.

In March, the band will take their raucous sound to Japan for a string of live performances. Since their inception in 2014, Trashed Ambulance has weathered lineup changes and setbacks, emerging as a force in Central Alberta’s punk scene. With an impressive discography and notable gigs alongside punk heavyweights, the trio shows no signs of slowing down. Keep an eye on Trashed Ambulance as they continue to make waves in 2024.

London-based VAMPIRE SLUMBER PARTY drops their latest single “McFly Family Photo” across all streaming platforms.

The track, which premiered on last Thursday, serves as the second release from their upcoming album slated for later this year. Frontman Yusuf Laher describes the song as a testament to resilience, urging listeners to persevere despite setbacks and self-doubt.

Orange County ska-punk stalwarts, HALF PAST TWO, are gearing up for the release of their latest album, “Talk Is Killing Me,” set to drop on April 19th via Bad Time Records.

Produced by Reade Wolcott of We Are The Union, the album promises to showcase the band’s evolution, blending pop hooks with introspective themes and a more mature sound.

Lead vocalist Tara Hahn shares, “When we started writing Talk Is Killing Me I was ready to quit music all together. I hope people are ready for a moodier Half Past Two because this album is about a lot of uncomfortable situations I had to work through in therapy.”

With over 15 years in the Orange County ska scene and gigs alongside iconic acts like Reel Big Fish and The Aquabats, Half Past Two brings a wealth of experience to their latest offering. Fans can expect a fresh take on the classic ska sound, infused with contemporary influences and a touch of introspection that reflects the complexities of the modern world.

MALA VISTA, the NYC punk’n’rollers, are set to unleash their sophomore album “Fun Time” on March 1, 2024, via Spaghetty Town Records.

Embracing the spirit of ’77 punk, the band’s blend of power pop, garage, and snotty punk ethos has garnered attention on the NYC punk scene. Led by Myke Miranda and Manny Dominguez, the band draws inspiration from their Latino roots while paying homage to punk legends like The Ramones. Recorded at NY HED Studios, “Fun Time” captures the raw energy and infectious hooks that define Mala Vista’s sound.

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