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Punk rockers THE CAROLYN comment on the Atlanta music scene; new video available!

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Tackling mental health and gun violence, “Twelve Gauge” by Atlanta emotive punk rockers THE CAROLYN awash of the passion and angst facing 20-somethings in small-town suburban America. Initially formed as a solo project by singer/songwriter Andrew Patrick in summer 2016, The Carolyn have transformed into an emerging indie-punk trio welding honest lyricism, thoughtful hooks and a gritty directness that’s assuaged by the hook-led choruses and accessible delivery. We caught up with the band to get their perspective on their local music scene amidst the pandemic and make sure you tune into their catchy vibes!

“An incredible band, a real sense of nostalgia but freshened up”. – Alex Baker, Kerrang Radio

Nodding to the ’10’s indie-punk front runners, with splashes of alternative rock and glistening with melody, the Georgia three unveiled debut full-length ‘This Will Begin To Make Things Right’ in December 2019, via 59 X Records.

“It seems as if the Atlanta music scene is beginning to return to a bit of “normalcy” regarding shows being booked.” – comments Andrew Patrick (Vocals/Guitar) of THE CAROLYN.

“Many of our friends’ bands have secured dates this summer at venues that range from “up and coming” to larger spaces like the Masquerade. It’s encouraging to see some national acts in our genre with plans to return to Atlanta, a city largely known for other genres like hip hop. Furthermore, these acts have been vocal about their commitment to safety, getting vaccinated, and remaining socially distanced.”

Atlanta trio The Carolyn

“Despite the fact that many think of a select few styles of music when they think of Atlanta, the music scene has stayed pretty eclectic throughout the pandemic. I think this will be further fueled by everyone’s desire to get out and play again. Needless to say, the last year and a half has been very trying on venues, bands, and labels, however I think the sense of excitement will help everyone make up for what feels like lost time.”

The Carolyn is: Andrew Patrick – Vocals/Guitar, Oliver Vuley-Conlon – Vocals/Bass, David Mulazzi – Drums

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