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Country bluegrass tinged punk rockers HELL SPET become an arcade video game: watch the video “Right Now”

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The Italian band HELL SPET put their concept album “Killer Machine” under the spotlight again, with an incredible new video, inspired by 90’s videogames, in particular the most famous title “Metal Slug”, a true classic for an entire generation of arcade animals.

The single “Right Now” perfectly condenses the band’s sound. Ranging between country sounds, bluegrass rhythms and metal-punk outbursts, Hell Spet know how to dare beyond the predictable mixing of musical genres.

A bold move, but definitely the right one: the result is an unstoppable and sincere album, a very rare kind in today’s music.

The track is included in the latest long-distance work of the band, released with the best assumptions at the beginning of a 2020 to forget for live music.


But Hell Spet has kept this gem in store for all those who can not wait to see them on stage and with great self-irony and desire to express themselves even from a visual point of view, the group turns into video game characters, ready to throw themselves into adventures and battles on the screen (obviously a cathode ray tube one).

Hell Spet comment: “The video is inspired by the epochal video game Metal Slug and it couldn’t be otherwise. Besides the fact that we are all old-school gaming fans, Metal Slug perfectly embodies the post-apocalyptic imagery and the struggle between humans and evil machines, which is the central theme of the entire concept album “Killer Machine”. Choose your character and… have a good game!”


The world it has collapsed
The air is poison and water blood
Right now there are too many mouths to feed
The multicorporations enslaving people for bread and wine
You spend your life as a gear to the wheel

That’s the end I don’t wanna see it
Can’t stand it I need more filters
Marijuana speed or cocaine
Give me stuff, right now!

So it goes from these parts but you’ll find me by your side
Join us and we’ll blast it all away
You pay for women, work to eat
There’s a price even on your soul
Devil’s by my side it’s time to go

That’s the end I don’t wanna see it
Can’t stand it I need more filters
Marijuana speed or cocaine
Give me stuff, right now!

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