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Punk’n’rollers BAD MONGOS return with new depraved music video for “Not Anymore”!

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Spanish notorious rock’n’roll infused punks BAD MONGOS are pleased to give you their new music video for the wild opener of their recent LP “Mongo Machine” (BCore Disc)! Rock on!

Attention, the Mongos return! And of course, that’s good news for punk lovers. Of rock lovers. Of the most irreverent and depraved punk ‘n’ roll. The one that emanates from the low passions, the infectious riffs and the greasy dives of the city. But also, of those places where glamor finds its fair share of filth. After kicking our butt with the impeccable Shoot The Bullet, they now deliver this new spit called Mongo Machine.

A new work that will only increase its payroll of parishioners. Tracks sculpted at cruising speed, with a whole lot of guitars and sing-alongs to avoid the tedious days and, in short, a handful of good, brief and concise rock and roll songs ready to provide us with a foolproof and necessary energy shot, to put us on alert. The album starts with «Not Anymore», a nasty declaration of intent, a soundtrack to the loss of innocence, in the most forceful and effective way. In «Revolution» they call us to arms, reminding us, incidentally, that few or no bands can match the very Turbonegro (of whom they know the book of style by heart), with the determination and the success of the fucking Mongos. In Bitch City, one of the highlights of the album, they remind us to the New York Dolls and T-Rex mixed with Gluecifer.


Santi García (No More Lies) has produced the album. It was recorded in a sigh, but that is not an obstacle for it to sound flawless. A creamy, British sound. Warm but incandescent. As for the Mongo Machine artwork, it’s been done by Xavi Forné, a dedicated graphic artist who has worked for many renowned bands like Metallica, Mastodon and Russian Circles. This is the album that will put Bad Mongos where they belong: the elite of the best punk’n’roll.

Long live the Mongos!


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