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The biggest online RADIOHEAD database AtEaseWeb have put together an amazing summary of the band’s 2012 tour. Check it out below:


Back in November, Radiohead wrapped up their 2012 world tour in support of The King Of Limbs. We followed the tour very closely here at At Ease and we’ve gone through all 57 setlists to bring you some numbers from Radiohead’s 2012 tour. We’re not Nate Silver, but we try.

We compiled similar stats after Leg 1, Leg 2, and then combined them here. We’ve used those as a base for what follows below. We may come back to this post and add more stats if we come across something interesting (suggest away in the comments). In addition, if you want a simple list of the number of times every song was played in 2012, head here.

Final Statistics: Radiohead 2012

57 shows
Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Austin, St. Louis, Kansas City, Broomfield, Glendale, Seattle, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Coachella 1, Mexico City 1, Mexico City 2, Coachella 2, Mansfield, Newark 1, Newark 2, Washington DC, Cincinnati, Cuyahoga Falls, Bonnaroo, Tinley Park, Auburn Hills, Camden, Montreal, Nimes 1, Nimes 2, Bilbao, Lisbon, Taipei, Jisan, Fuji Rock, Quarry of St. Triphon, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Codroipo, Berlin 1, Berlin 2, Manchester, London 1, London 2, Paris 1, Paris 2, Amsterdam, Cologne, Strasbourg, Antwerp, Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney 1, Sydney 2, Melbourne 1, Melbourne 2

17 countries visited
USA, Mexico, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia

54 different songs played
(Including True Love Waits and Hunting Bears snippets; not including the Everything In Its Right Place intros)

Longest show: 25 songs/140 minutes (Bonnaroo)

Shortest show: 20 songs (Coachella 1, Bilbao)
Most other non-festival shows have featured 23 or 24 songs (except for Kansas City and Auckland which featured 22 songs).

Album Breakdown
To organize some of these numbers into meaningful-ish groups we’ve created a group for the material Radiohead have released since The King of Limbs (TKOL+), B-sides/Other (including These Are My Twisted Words), and then all the new songs. 1/12 means one song from that album’s twelve songs were played.

Pablo Honey – 0/12
The Bends – 2/12
OK Computer – 7/12
Kid A – 6/10
Amnesiac – 6/11 (including Hunting Bears snippet)
Hail To The Thief – 5/14
In Rainbows – 8/10
The King Of Limbs – 8/8
The King Of Limbs+ – 3/4
B-sides/Other – 5
New Songs – 4

New Song Frequency
Identikit: 34 performances
Ful Stop: 10 performances
Skirting On The Surface: 2 performances (3 including the ACL performance)
Cut A Hole: 2 performances

Live Debuts (excluding new songs)
The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy: 4 performances
Meeting In The Aisle: 4 performances
Treefingers: 2 performances

Songs Played At Every Concert: 3
Bloom, Lotus Flower, Reckoner

Songs Played Only Once: 3
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box, Subterranean Homesick Alien, A Wolf At The Door

Last show with a “tour debut”: Amsterdam, October 14 (the song was A Wolf At The Door)
48 of the tour’s 54 songs were played during the first 17 shows (the first 2 North American legs). Six songs were introduced during the final 40 shows of the year.

Opening Songs: 3
Bloom (35)
Lotus Flower (21)
Lucky (1)

Bloom opened the first 28 shows of 2012 (through Montreal). Lucky then opened Nimes 1 (this was the first show after the Toronto accident); Bloom then opened the next three European shows. Show 33 in Taipei marked the first time Lotus Flower opened a concert and it would open 21 of the final 25 shows of 2012.

Closing Songs: 7
Idioteque (18)
Paranoid Android (14)
Everything In Its Right Place (12)
Street Spirit (6)
Reckoner (5)
Karma Police (1)
Exit Music (for a film) (1)

Idioteque closed just 3 of the first 17 shows when the band mixed up the final song quite regularly. But during the final third of the tour Idioteque became a regular closing song.

Everything In Its Right Place intros
True Love Waits (14)
After The Gold Rush (Neil Young cover) (6)
The One I Love (REM cover) (6)
Unravel (Bjork cover) (6)
Small Axe (Bob Marley cover) (2)
Electrolite (REM cover) (1)

Notable 2012 Absences
Fake Plastic Trees, Just, My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Morning Bell, 2+2=5, Where I End And You Begin, Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Appearances by the Red Pants: 4
The last red pants appearance was in Cuyahoga Falls, quite early in the tour. What happened to the red pants is 2012′s greatest mystery. If you need more detailed Red Pants stats, head here.

Protests by Westboro Baptist Church: 1 (debuted in Kansas City)

Go here to see the details of every single gig of the tour.

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