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“Rapists Behind the Scene” – Parisian alt punks MARY BELL smash patriarchy with strong new single; listen!

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Impressively packed in an epic and monumental artwork by Elzo Durt, “Bellatrix Boadicea” by Parisian alt punk band MARY BELL is a tumult of impressions, sensations and acts. The name “Bellatrix Boadicea” itself brings its share of mystery and it may sounds unfamiliar to some of us. This MARY BELL new full length gets its title from Boudica, the queen of a celtic tribe who led an uprising against the conquering forces of the roman empire in AD 60. Another form of sedition comes from the fourteen songs of this album, proceeding from haunted and noisy claims to frenetic punk jolts. The incisive words of the lyrics deal with what the band describe as their favorite subjects : “revenge, hate, shitty relationships, the circle of life and cats”. Today, we’re giving you the first taste of the record with a new track “Repist Behind The Scene”, kicking off with ominously sounding intro and transiting into venomous punk resistance chant that will get you hooked instantly.

“This track was written in reaction to several attacks that happened in or near our communities and scene.” – comments the babd. “We can’t stand that those people, who have harmed others, only receive complacency, and sometimes even support, when we are supposed to operate in a scene that questions itself, on the fringe of all the patriarchal clichés. A lot of work still needs to be done in the DIY punk scene, and some people really need to clean in front of their doorstep.”

“Bellatrix Boadicea” by MARY BELL comes out in April 2021 on Destructure Records.

Asked about the band’s take on their local music community amidst the pandemic, MARY BELL admits that it’s rather depressing. “We know that a lot of bands stopped playing, and a lot of our friends who are working in cultural and artistic institutions and organisations are now unemployed for a year, and it might go on like this for some time. Sometimes, with this context, it is quite hard to find the energy to continue to make music, and especially to rehearse, when there’s no deadline in sight.”

“Still, it was very important and vital for us to continue to make music: we recorded the album in the middle of the pandemic, last summer. And now, we have a new drummer, so we need to rehearse lots in order to be ready when things are back to “normal”.”

Other bands worth your time, by MARY BELL:

Rive Droite Country Club – our dear friends, most of them are first timers : musically, it’s a mixture of pop, grungy noise and the vocals remind us of Swiss/German post-punk from the 80s !

My Dog’s a Bear – excellent new parisian band with first timers as well ! Mary Bell started as a “first timers” band several years ago, so it is very important for us to support new musicians.

Litige  – one of the best French pop-punk band at the moment. You just have to see them live ! They have a great energy.

Bitpart:  – ‘Eat Your Mess’ is the last and probably greatest album from our friends Bitpart.


Vicky’s top songs to throw flaming bricks in the patriarchy wall:

“just listen to the lyrics and you’ll get the hint…”

1/ Soakie “boys on stage”

2/ Cocaine Piss “the player without a team”

3/ G.L.O.S.S. “outcast stomp”

4/ Cold Meat “nice girls”

5/ Roseanne Barrr “that’s the way boys are”

Alice’s favorite animals songs :

Other bands featuring members of MARY BELL:

Melodic PUNK // Spotify Playlist

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