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Rappers That You May Not Know and That You Must Listen to

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Rap is a type of music that is distinguished by the rhythmic recitation of lyrics that are not sung in the traditional sense. It is a style that originated in the United States in the mid-twentieth century and is frequently linked with the black population of the country, however it has since spread beyond borders and cultures.

Initially, it was created as a means of fighting against an oppressive system, as a means of expressing oneself without resorting to physical violence, but it should not be forgotten that it emerged in marginal neighborhoods, among people with limited resources and complicated lives, and that many of those who were successful at the time earned substantial sums of money.

Nowadays, there are many new and young rappers who are expressing themselves through this music, and here are the ones you should listen to.

Lil Durk

It takes commitment to the decisions you make with the knowledge that they will be beneficial in the long term to achieve success in anything.

This may be shown in the case of Lil Durk, who seized control of his rap career and grew into a much greater star than he’d ever been before because he believed in his own abilities to bring him where he wanted to go. That is why nowadays Lil Durk concert tickets are widely sold and young generations enjoy his great concerts.

Durk has had a whirlwind career since breaking onto the scene in the early 2010s when the Chicago sim scene was exploding under the leadership of Chief Keef. He has released a slew of albums and mixtapes, experienced label turmoil with Def Jam (which he left for Alamo / Interscope Records in 2018), and achieved varying degrees of success along the way. Durk is currently signed to Alamo / Interscope Records.

A lot of his songs demonstrated Durk’s early skill, but it was his maturity, influence on newer artists, and broadening of his style that propelled him to the position he holds today.


One of America’s most underground rappers, Gavlyn, is known for her unwavering and personal flow.

Gavlyn’s tracks, released in 2020, and fifty years after hip hop’s inception, nonetheless capture the genre’s spirit in its purest form.

Audrey May Godoy is a Los Angeles-based rapper who was born in 1990 and has been rhyming since she was a toddler. Her sound is influenced by classic boom-bap and ’70s funk. “What I do” was Gavlyn’s international hip-hop debut in 2013, and she’s gone on to establish herself as one of the most influential women rappers today.

There are eight albums in Gavlyn’s catalog, and her most recent, HeadSpace, was a YouTube success.

Those who still listen to the gangster rap that arose in the West under the guidance of Schoolly D and Ice-T have been won over by her charisma and the fluidity of her melodies.

Because Gavlyn is able to breach any foundation with his raspy voice and powerful attitude, she stands out in a world where the most underground sound is admired. Since he was 19, Gavlyn has proven that rap can thrive no matter how many new sounds come out, proving that rap can be maintained alive.


Omar “Smokepurrp” Pineiro grew raised in the Florida town of Hialeah. He is a member of the Black Panther Party.

After growing up in a secluded environment until high school, he would go on to become one of the brightest young stars in American rap, alongside his best friend Lil Pump, who would go on to become one of the industry’s most promising newcomers.

While Lil Pump would go on to become the most well-known member of the group, Smokepurrp remained true to his violent and street-oriented style of music production, and he currently has a large following of fans who are eagerly awaiting his next move in the industry.

Denzel Curry

If you’re not a die-hard fan of the urban music scene, it’s likely that the first time you heard Denzel’s voice was on his single Ultimate, which went viral as a result of the “Bottle Flip Challenge.”

Denzel is without a doubt the rawest of the South Florida rappers, despite the fact that this challenge is not widely acknowledged as the most hardcore of the mainstream.

While he is best known for his aggressive lyrics that are both intellectual and calculating, he has also broken down barriers in the rap scene with his rough performances and interpretations of classic songs by artists such as Bulls on Parade and Rage Against The Machine.

Sampa the Great

Sampa the Great is only 26 years old, yet he is already considered one of the most significant disclosures in the history of world rap.

Perhaps it is not so much because of the positive press she has received as it is because of the vastness of her style and the freshness of her music.

The vocalist, who was born in Zambia, reared in Botswana, and now resides in Australia, is extremely talented in the genres of soul, disco, funk, and jazz. It was in 2019 that she released her debut studio album, The Return.

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