Rare Epitaph Records VHS on sale at eBay

According to our friends on Dying Scene, there rare promotional video tape released on Epitaph Records that many people may have never heard of.

Released in 1995, the VHS is called “Epitaph’s Wild Kingdom: A Video Bonanza” and contains eight music videos from each band that was on that label at the time. The videos are RANCID‘s “Salvation”, NOFX‘s “Leave It Alone”, GAS HUFFER‘s “Crooked Bird”, PENNYWISE‘s “Homesick”, DOWN BY LAW‘s “500 Miles”, RKL‘s “Betrayed”, SNFU‘s “Reality Is a Ride on the Bus” and THE OFFSPRING‘s “Gotta Get Away”. You can watch them all below.

Go here if you want to buy a copy of “Epitaph’s Wild Kingdom: A Video Bonanza“, which is on sale for $42.87.

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