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REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

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Reaction fanzine was established in 2006 by a group of hardcore fans. In the following 4 years we released 5 issues in Hungarian language for the local underground. Started with an A5 size 72 pages Xeroxed first issue that sold over 300 copies, Reaction continued with professionally printed and very thick fanzines. (#2: 150 pages, A5 size; #3: 120 pages, A5 size; #4: 32 pages, A4+ size) In 2009 after releasing a 5th issue Reaction fanzine went on a hiatus. The latest English version of issue #11 was made available on June 25th. Here’s what authors had to say about the story behind the series and the new issue.

In 2015 a friend asked me to do an interview together. This wonderful opportunity made me think about bringing Reaction fanzine back. The interview was too long for the online media he works for, so I had their blessing to release in its entirety in a printed fanzine. The fanzine had a great welcome and within 6 month Reaction have put out two more issues. #7 turned out very thick again on 56 A4 pages. After a Hungarian release an English version followed. Winter saw the birth of a special “Farewell to Bane” issue in both Hungarian and English language with a total of 500 printed copies. At the moment we have only a few copies left.

Issue 8 and 9 came out in 2016 on 56 A4 pages and both had Hungarian and English versions. Our tenth issue was released in the summer of 2017 on 52 A4 pages, available in English and Hungarian languages. Due to family reasons we had to slow down after this successful run.

For issue 11 we’ve been collecting contents for almost two years and it came out in April 2019 in Hungarian. English version’s release date is 25.06.2019. Cover artwork was drawn by Melinda Haraszti-Kovács.

REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

Issue #11 contents:

Chris Colohan

Chris did vocals for bands like Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination and Burning Love to mention the more important ones only. Now he’s screaming in Sect. We asked him about all of them and a bunch of other things.


We’d like to introduce you to a new Hungarian band with this interview.


Another new band out of Budapest. Please check them out!


Hanoi have been around for a decade now and it was absolutely about time to talk to these Hungarian guys.

Higher Power

The singer of this English band, Jimmy Wizard, talked to us about their record called Soul Structure and Harry Potter.

Michelle Olaya

Our series of introducing photographers continues. Michelle is a big name in the game.

Night Birds

We got this previously unreleased interview, done in 2016, from xViktorx, who’s the biggest fan of New Jersey punk-hardcore.


They are our favourite among the newer Polish groups. We had a little chat about good and bad nutrition and protein input.

Ponor / Sentence

Joint interview about music, message and the Balkans with two of the most active bands of the Croatian scene.


This Budapest based outfit was featured in issue 9 already, but in 2018 they put out an awesome full length that we hope you’ll check out.

Time To Heal

Email interview with the Swedish youth crew band about more than music.


We did this interview with the French, political, 90s inspired hardcore band in the summer of 2017.

+ reviews and more.

REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

REACTION hardcore fanzine #11

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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