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Recall: DAG NASTY – “Under Your Influence” live in 1986

Here’s a nice live video of DAG NASTY‘s “Under Your Influence”, shot somewhere in 1986.

The track comes from their 1986 album “Can I Say”.

Brian Baker, formerly of Minor Threat, formed Dag Nasty with Colin Sears, Roger Marbury and Shawn Brown in 1985. Shawn’s replacement on vocals (by ex- DYS frontman Dave Smalley) shortly before the recording of their debut full-length, Can I Say, began a revolving door membership that was to continue throughout their duration as a band (ultimately leaving Brian as the only original member.) Dag Nasty recorded Can I Say in June 1986, and Wig Out at Denkos in July 1987, for Dischord Records before moving to Giant Records for the release of Field Day in 1988. The Can I Say line-up reformed in 1992 to record Four on the Floor for Epitaph Records and again in 2002 to record a full-length for Revelation Records. In 1991, Dischord combined the Can I Say and Wig Out LPs onto one maxi-CD. Dischord re-mastered both records in 2003 and re-released them back onto two separate CDs, both including extra live and unreleased tracks.

In November 2010 Dischord will release the long shelved Dag With Shawn recording session featuring the original Dag Nasty line-up with Shawn Brown on vocals. This is essentially the same album that was later re-recorded and released as Can I Say. Dischord Records

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